Cakes Of Hedonism

If you aren’t having fun, then what the fuck are you doing? That seems like some philosophical shit that we should all embrace.

Actually, that is some philosophical shit we should all embrace: ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus abided by the laws of seeking pleasure, advocating for the pursuit of happy living. While he did work in science, he essentially invented the concept of hedonism, that pleasure has a value and should be embraced. His world view was one that had people shy away future anxieties to fall forward into intellectual pleasure through conversation and physicalness, from drinking to sex.

Clearly the Epicurean lifestyle is something we should all seek as a means to exorcise the stress and annoyances of the everyday. Rapper Cakes Da Killa is all about this, fashioning himself to be a contemporary Epicurean philosopher in his own right. His debut album Hedonism traces the contemporary lifestyle of a young pleasure seeker by way of providing stream-of-conscious party music.

Cakes’ sound has always been raunchy and raw, traced from earlier songs like “Living Gud, Eating Gud” to newer tracks like “Talkin Greezy” and beyond. Hedonism has Cakes’ sound evolving into something a bit more serious and sophisticated, tracks for after the party started, following the crest into more intimate moments of connection between two guys (or whoever). “Tru Love” follows the line from party to hookup while “New Phone (Who Dis)” provides a playful opportunity to blow someone off, blatantly denying someone you don’t want to hang with.

Hedonism‘s highlights are when Cakes digs into—and through—the confines of rap, hinting at a bigger role for him as a producer’s dream collaborator on anything. Opener “Hedonism” produced by LSDXOXO sets this tone that maintains the album, offering a dark, dreamy entry into his psyche atop a velveteen industrial soundscape. “Been Dat Did Dat” produced by Moleskin and Neana rushes through a high like a Jam City song in fast forward, Cakes’ growling spit running through club commands intended to make you cum. “Up Out My Face” with Peaches produced by Jeremiah Meece is the album’s shiner, both confrontational and silly and undeniably queer club, like the fight song for a futuristic version of Paris Is Burning (or, perhaps, Kiki).

The album is a solid ten songs that map Cakes’ ambition to make you move, to share his feel good point of view and lust for life (and lust in general). It proves he is an ace collaborator not only with producers but with new talent (Carole, Josh Dst) and industry veterans (Peaches, Rye Rye). As a young gay musician, his sound is unrivaled and exciting in a landscape of similar artists often too caught up in being political instead of being themselves. Cakes just wants to be Cakes, his own beliefs and personality infused through it all, whether you pick up on that or not.

Hedonismis available now. You can catch it on on iTunes.

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