Career Boy, For Any Millennial Who Has Worked In An Office

To be a millennial is to work for someone else.

Unless you are a rich kid, unless you stumbled into some startup fantasy, unless you don’t-need-to-work, you have been locked in by some stupid ass office shackle that has revealed the sad, mundane, stupid reality of being an adult: sitting in a cubicle, doing meaningless work that benefits someone else, only getting you ahead very, very slightly. It’s sad! It’s dumb. That’s America – That’s the world! – for you.

This is something that musician Dorian Electra seems to be tapping into. She sees our dumbass daily reenactments of the film 9 to 5 and hopes to raise the stakes, transforming office life into a do-or-die sort of environment – all by way of a little diddy she’s calling “Career Boy.”

The song, a strange PC Music adjacent office sex bop, uses office droning as a way to explore sexual hunger and desire, adopting the term “business and pleasure” as a personal manifesto. It’s as hysterical as it is slightly too-close-to-home, a pointing out of how fucking stupid office life is – and how simultaneously inescapable it is – in that we’re driven to work our fucking privates off for no other reason than…we have to.

I have no proof of this but I have a feeling that those who – Ya know. – don’t “get” this song have probably not actually worked in the adult world. There’s something so specific that is being skewered beyond the (brilliant) video’s 1990s office parodying: the suggestion of a constant office phoenix is a very millennial phenomena, of being workaholics as a result of a culture vomitted upon us. If we could escape, we would. But, alas, we cannot. We’re all career boys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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