A Song Called ‘1995’

I could make a very good argument that Molly Nilsson is the best living songwriter. Her music is funny, sincere, sad, lovely, and an adorable kind of fucked up. Everything she writes has a fun conceptual hook—”I hope you die,” “Only the lonely get out of here,” “Hey moon! It’s you and me tonight.”—but there’s always something deeper, lurking under mistaken trendiness: there’s always a sincere parallel to deep, universal emotions. Continue reading “A Song Called ‘1995’”

Dying In A Dream

To live in another country would be a dream. To be able to move to France and somehow “become French” would be ideal. It’s a fantasy. It’s an allowance that I give myself, to let my mind follow to inspire hope for success and direction in life. It’s easy motivation. Continue reading “Dying In A Dream”