Don’t Bite Your Nails: Paint Your Nails

Nail biting is something that I inherited. My father is a furious nail biter, stealing a nibble in front of the television or while driving with one hand. His free fingers travel up to his mouth and click, click, click nails off. He had no use for nail clippers. He had chosen the more economic, grossly minimalist idea of maintenance: he had his mouth. Continue reading “Don’t Bite Your Nails: Paint Your Nails”

Real American Beauty

A few weeks back, my good friend Funmi was telling me about a shoot she helped out on in South Los Angeles. It took place at a hair salon where droves of women spent their Saturday getting the works before going out. Many spent their salon time as a pre-party for wherever their new hair was going to take them and, given the amount of time they spent getting made up, the resulting hair styles are undeniably flawless.

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How To Grow A Mustache

I shave roughly one time a week, in the shower, on a morning where the friction created from hair-growing-on-skin becomes so unbearable that I have to put down the knife I planned to skin my face with and instead pick up a razor to shave. The process is pretty easy: I use this creamy goo from some dude on Glee and a razor that looks like a Transformers’ penis. I then use some face wash or, on *sPeCiAl* days, a scrub and continue my normal shower routine. It’s quite simple.

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