Gimme That Gasoline Smell

You know when you go to a gas station and you are like “Damn: what is that good smelling stuff?” and then you feel guilty and like a sniff happy transient because you are indulging in gasoline fumes? It’s a good sensation. No, not the buzz: that smell. My nasal capabilities is my defining sense and I can assure you that gas smell is a good smell. I would smell it all the time if I was ensured that I would not be brain damaged as a result. Continue reading “Gimme That Gasoline Smell”

Five Great Candles Under Fifty Dollars

A home is not complete without a scent, which means your home needs a candle. There are two obvious directions to head into, either the bargain back corner of a TJ Maxx or the over a hundred dollar zone occupied by brands like Diptyque and Acqua De Parma. The mid section can be dicey. You have candles from people like Voluspa and Archipelago that, while great, are too common to be considered unique for your household. So where do you go for a candle that isn’t going to leave you unable to afford your home? I have five suggestions for you, all of which have their best offerings under fifty dollars. Continue reading “Five Great Candles Under Fifty Dollars”