Artistic Activism: Tuna Bora’s Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Planned Parenthood needs our help. They provide invaluable services for the sexually active and are necessary for both men and women but people want to shut them down. If you don’t stand with Planned Parenthood, you’re probably standing in the 1950s with your antiquated views on reproductive health and women’s rights. Continue reading “Artistic Activism: Tuna Bora’s Planned Parenthood Fundraiser”

Ren’s Bear Dudes

Who doesn’t want to get down with a bear? I remember in early college discovering what bears were before discovering my sexuality and being down with them but I distinctly remember friends seeing bear pride shit and going “Ewwww. Bears.” as if they had just watched someone unwrap a dirty diaper and then microwave it. Bears are great! They’re big, furry, cuddly gay men with all the feelings in the world.

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