A Running List Of Weird Dreams I’ve Recently Had

I’m one of those people who dreams a lot but they are mostly unremarkable dreams, dreams that revel in the mundane or are instantly forgettable. My dreams are neither fantastical (No flying, no superpowers.) nor transportive (No exit locations, no long lost friends.) yet they do tend to dip into the boring (Walking, waiting.) and the sexy (Hotel rendezvous, intense glances.). Continue reading “A Running List Of Weird Dreams I’ve Recently Had”

Career Ghosting Has Got To Stop

When you are stuck in a bad job, life can be a living hell, like a church lock-in consisting of people you hate and tasks that have no relationship to your future. No one listens or cares about you outside of the job and, most frustratingly, there is a lack of concern for you as a person pursuing your own path. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it again: you are not your job. Decent people, nay employers, should realize that, too. Continue reading “Career Ghosting Has Got To Stop”