Ban Men, Ban Guns

Before you read: write or call your congressperson right now.

I can’t stop thinking about guns. I can’t stop thinking about how much I hate them and how much I hate anyone who is supportive of them. It’s a problem. It isn’t cute anymore nor is it funny. Guns are a big fucking problem in the United States, one that is both killing our country and killing our reputation of being both a civil and forward thinking nation. Guns have quickly turned us terrible.

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A 2016 Election Theory

Like any election, the 2016 election is fascinating and exciting because it makes you want to move out of the country since everyone involved is a fucking insane person who could potentially ruin your life as a president. Democracy inaction action in Democracy! This go around is particularly fascinating because everything feels like it is in ruins. We are staring into a dark hole of red, white, and blue that may potentially darken to a gray nothing.

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Is Respecting Diversity A Bad Thing?

When someone wrongs the LGBTQ community, we create an image of them, light it on fire, and dance as the queer flames engulf them for they are of the old flesh. It happens all the time, from Salvation Army to TLC, Ted Cruz to The Queen. If one of the most powerful women in the world—one who shares the name with one of the gayest bands of all time—isn’t infallible then let this be a lesson to you: don’t fuck us. (Or, more accurately, don’t fuck with us or we’ll talk about you unfavorably behind your back and maybe to your face.)

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