Bük Kloob: A Moveable Feast

Before I leave for Paris next month, I’ve been devouring books on the city in the hopes of putting myself in the mood and get even more excited about French ways. I did One Souffle At A Time, which was a cute and long winded exploration of French cooking. There was Five Nights In Paris, which I had hoped would be a fun exploration and backhanded guide to the city but ended up being a bizarre and boring rambling on about walking Paris at night. Now? A classic: Ernest Hemingway’s Parisian journal, A Moveable Feast. Continue reading “Bük Kloob: A Moveable Feast”

Here’s A Particularly Sad Story About Life & Death

Stories about death are important. They’re just as necessary as stories about life. While the idea of death scares the fuck out of me, I put myself in the position of staring it in the face quite frequently as to not let it overwhelm me. I want to become as familiar with the process as possible since it is the big climax of our existence. Films like Life Itself teaches you this, books like The Year Of Magical Thinking teaches you this, and the cover story of last week’s New York Times Magazine teaches you this. Continue reading “Here’s A Particularly Sad Story About Life & Death”