Career Ghosting Has Got To Stop

When you are stuck in a bad job, life can be a living hell, like a church lock-in consisting of people you hate and tasks that have no relationship to your future. No one listens or cares about you outside of the job and, most frustratingly, there is a lack of concern for you as a person pursuing your own path. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it again: you are not your job. Decent people, nay employers, should realize that, too. Continue reading “Career Ghosting Has Got To Stop”

Do Artificial Offspring Dream Of Personhood?

If there’s one thing I do a lot of, it’s writing things that I offer to the Lords Of The Internet, which are subsequently swallowed and quickly forgotten about. Rarely — Rarely. — do those Lords oblige by letting a story linger on the tongue, for the world to savor: they almost always end up pitted, in the stomach, gone and likely forgotten. Continue reading “Do Artificial Offspring Dream Of Personhood?”

Which AOL CD-ROM Are You? Tag Yourself.

My friend Matthew recently shared an Internet gem and I am getting all sorts of worked up about it: Internet Archive’s The AOL CD-ROM Collection, a catalogue of all those stupid AOL CDs from the nineties that were literally everywhere, a ubiquitous disposable item that is now a techno-relic from a period past. It is a beautiful memorial to proto-Internet consumption, a dusty fruit at the altar of modern life. Continue reading “Which AOL CD-ROM Are You? Tag Yourself.”