Christmas Songs By The Spice Girls

Speaking of gay ass Christmas songs, here’s a holiday surprise for you: the Spice Girls actually have a couple of Christmas songs.

And by that I literally mean two. The other fab five released a few Christmas songs during their time together—and they had nothing to do with the 1999 Christmas In Spiceworld tour. They just secretly loved Christmas!

The first is “Sleigh Ride,” their take on the classic song, and the B-side to the Wintery “2 Become 1” in 1996. The song sees the girls trading off verses over a percussive, cheery holiday romp that very much matches the Girls’ younger sound. Also of note is a constant Spice chatter woven throughout the song, hinting at their eventual “acting” in Spiceworld. The song also features cute Britishisms like “Happy Christmas” and a debate about if “Father Christmas” is real.

The second song is a cover of The Waitress’ alternative holiday classic “Christmas Wrapping.” Contrary to “Sleigh Ride,” this song is much slicker and less gimmicky and was also a B-side that came with “Goodbye” in 1998. The song is mostly sung by Mel C (Sporty) with support from Emma (Baby), making it a fitting flip to a song about the Spice Girls ending their run. (And fun fact about “Goodbye”: the song hit number one and made the group the first act since The Beatles to top the charts for three consecutive Christmases.)

Spice up your Christmas, y’all.

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