Cobalt Blue Tarantulas

Spiders are very intimidating creatures—especially tarantulas. Would it help any if they were pretty? Probably not. If their aesthetic were enhanced or even beautified, there likely wouldn’t be a surge in their popularity—but you should still be aware of tarantulas that are indeed quite sexy.

Take the Cobalt Blue Tarantula. This hand sized creature is a native to Myanmar and Thailand and is so blue that they almost vibrate. They have an intoxicating iridescence that makes them appear to be velveteen. “Can we skin a gang of Cobalt Blue Tarantulas to make a sweater for me?” you may think. Probably not but that would be great.

The spiders do look entirely blue but they do have some variations: the difference between males and females are golden undertones (which mark the animal being male). The resulting look is a snowy blue spider for men while the female spiders remain a hypnotizing near Yves Klein blue. They are also bigger, too. How fabulous are they?

These creatures are not to be fucked with, though. They are burrowers and spend most of their time underground. Perhaps the blue is to shine in the dark? Imagine how pretty that would look! Yet, they are some of the most aggressive spiders and they can bite—and there is venom involved, too. They aren’t deadly, though.

They can be domesticated (“domesticated”). For just forty dollars, you can get your very own hairy blue beautiful spider monster. Cobalt Blues are not beginner bugs, though. If you are a spider person and a lover of aesthetics, perhaps consider one. There is an obvious wow factor to them.

For everyone else? Maybe don’t. Spiders are fucking gnarly. There was a spider in my bathtub last night that I noticed scuttling around before getting in the tub so I sprayed it down for ten minutes whilst naked, abusing water laws but surely washing the creature to its death. Even if it was a Cobalt Blue, I would do the same. I would take a photo, sweat, and maybe squeal in horror but I would document the experience as I slip into coronary arrest.

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