Color Of The Moment: Dazzle Camo

As we fall deeper into Fall and wander around October darkness, people start wearing black more to mourn the loss of Summer and the fading of their tans. But wearing all black seems so passé, like you’re some moody New Yorker who lives for this time of year. Is there a sophisticated variation of your cool weather blacks? Yes, it’s dazzle camo.

Dazzle camo—or “razzle dazzle”—is gay camouflage. Just kidding: it’s an old camouflaging technique for hiding ships in the reflection of water. The effect is done by painting a ship black and white or deep blue and white, in sharp geometric patterns reminiscent of its setting that can then be dispersed and spread in water to make a ship difficult to track. The results were mixed but dazzle camo has lived on as aesthetic folklore. It’s an example of militarism inspired by aesthetics.

Dazzle Camo Fashion Everlane Ssense KTX Style Menswear 1234KYLE5678

Clockwise from top: Club Monaco Dégradé Sweatshirt / Everlane Modern Zip Backpack / MSGM Black Pullover / Everlane Heavyweight Tee / KTZ Skeleton Puff Print Sweatshirt

Dazzle camo is good fashion inspiration for you because it’s about pattern play and juxtaposing black and white or dark blues with whites with an aggressive attitude. Instead of going into full death mode, consider playing with the light and the dark and clothing that is sliced up by the competition between being cold and being warm. Go for competing stripes and watery patterns that fade in and out of itself. Metallics can help with the cool watery effect and, like the dazzle, more is more. Don’t skimp on how you mash two things into each other: be big. That Issey Miyake poncho below is a great example of not holding back on your camo.

In a way, dazzle camo is contemporary urban camo. It’s hot and cold, natural and completely fake. This is particularly excellent for those who enjoy more architectural styles and those who enjoy being extreme. It’s simple, though. It’s like a ship out to sea. That’s the razzle, man. Let dazzle camo be your color of the moment.

Dazzle Camo Razzle Dazzle Ssense Want Bag 1234KYLE5678

Clockwise from top: Fanmail Slim-Fit Tie-Dye Shirt / Versus Blue Graphic Print Anthony Vaccarello Edition Jeans / Adidas X Kolor Tricolor Down Jacket / Want O’Hare Leather Trimmed Canvas Tote

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Left to right: Ahlem St. Germain Sunglasses / Steven Alan Skull Cap / Hood By Air Long Sleeve T-Shirt / Peter Shire Tall Speckled Black And White Mugs / Workaday Homemade Blue Ribbon Bowl

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Clockwise from top: Fendi Navy Fur-Trimmed Monster Backpack / COS Printed Stretch Cotton Jersey T-Shirt / Issey Miyake Man Poncho / Gant Rugger Cotton Jacquard-Knit Sweater / Undecorated Man Colorblock Top

Dazzle Camo Men's Style Fashion Razzle Dazzle Saturdays Surf Comme Des Garçons 1234KYLE5678

Left to right: Christopher Raeburn Sli-Fit Shark Print Cotton T-Shirt / Saturdays Surf NYC Crosby Printed Cotton-Poplin Shirt / Comme des Garçons Junya Watanabe T-Shirt / Gitman Brothers Vintage Button Down In Santa Fe Fleece / a

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