Color Of The Moment: Lightning Ridge Opal

If you’re looking for some great looking stones for yourself or others, this New York magazine slideshow will do the trick. It also features introduced me to a stone that I have now become obsessed with, one that I think can guide your aesthetic this week: Lighting Ridge Opal. It’s not just one color but many but, for the sake of mood boarding, we’ll call it one color. Let it be ours for the moment.

This stone comes from Australia and is known for being a kaleidoscopic mixture of reds, yellows, purples, and greens swirling in blue. Some cases of this opal can be subdued while others are bright and neon, offering a rock to salivate over. Opals are great at diffracting light and are considered very precious (not to mention it’s a great name). While exotic, it sounds like a lot of these beauts come from roadside country mines in Australia. Yet, this does not diminish their value or rarity.

What’s so beautiful about Lightning Ridge Opal is that it is a concert of so many colors that seem nonsensical together. It’s based in black and deep blues paired with bright, golden yellow along with cerulean and crimson and jade. There are deep purples and light pinks, colors that chunk all over each other in a collage of natural (HOW??) color. Lightning Ridge Opal is an education how to wear black with brights.

Lightning Ridge Opal 1234KYLE5678 5

I haven’t seen anything quite like this opal—and I’m fucking obsessed with it. The only thing that comes to mind is the Sandro Spectral print which I’ve mentioned is perfect for late Winter/early Spring. Lightning Ridge Opal is so fabulous because it’s over the top yet incredibly complimentary. There is an artistry to them, the feeling that some inner earth goblin painted them by fusing together colorful rocks.

Please enjoy Lightning Ridge Opal. Let it be ours for the moment and, please, share how you style yourself in this color of the moment and indulge in these mood boards I made.

Lightning Ridge Opal 1234KYLE5678 3

Lightning Ridge Opal 1234KYLE5678 6

Lightning Ridge Opal 1234KYLE5678 4

Lightning Ridge Opal 1234KYLE5678 8

Lightning Ridge Opal 1234KYLE5678 9

Lightning Ridge Opal 1234KYLE5678 2

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