Compact Disc

Here is some good news for everyone, mostly myself: a little fiction story of mine recently got published. Please read it!

It’s up over on the always fabulous site Queen Mobs, a queer literary corner of the Internet that is as good at sharing creative writing as it is at creating hashtag content. The story is called “Compact Disc” which was probably the first big boy short story I’ve written and holds a very special place in my heart because it seems like me in an alternate reality (for better or worse).

Here’s a little background, which is what I shared with publications when submitting it. I think it’ll put you in the mood for your read.

[The story] is based on my experience of being young and queer and, in some ways, the sexualization projected onto queer (femme) children. It’s not a comfortable read, sure, but it’s also something that I was repeatedly warned “could happen” because I was so “out there.” It never did, thankfully, but there were plenty of situations where older, “straight” men got too literally too touchy for comfort.

Enticed? I hope so!

If anything, this story is very much extremely my fiction aesthetic and you can expect a lot, a lot, a lot more where this came from. Enjoy and read it here.

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