Consider Casual

Casual is a show on Hulu and it is a good show.

It comes from Jason Reitman and stars Michaela Watkins. The show follows a newly divorced Watkins and her gross, nicely slimey brother (Tommy Dewey) and her daughter (Tara Lynn Barr) as she tries to navigate life and dating in a casual way. It’s a bit of (literal) arrested development and bone dry humor. It’s like a splash of sharp rosé to the face. It’s for people who like Young Adult, who can laugh with and at people who are a part of them.

And Watkins is a joy. She is one of the best actresses working now and is a delight on this show. She is relatable and nice and never makes you feel outside of her. She makes the same mistakes you do and, even though you know what stupid thing she is going to do to herself, you watch and wait and support her because she is you.

Reitman’s entree into television sounds like the making of boring television but it absolutely is not: it’s vanilla Transparent. It’s also set in a beautiful LA house with awkward, passingly pretty LA people who deal with family shit and love shit in a normal way. Yes, it disappointedly is very straight but, yes, it is very pro-woman and pro-diversity and it feels like you are having an awkward and wonderful story read to you aloud. It’s very good.

Casual is also of note because it’s the second win for Hulu. Following the cult hit Difficult People, Casual comes from the similar sophisticated love/hate dynamic of televised people Hulu seems to handle quite well. Those familiar with Watkins will want more of her funny fare because she does it so well. However, it is a strong vote that we will see more of her. Reitman wisely crafted the show around her glow and it very much excels as a result.

Catch the first episode of Casual on Hulu for free but subsequent episodes require a subscription. New episodes are available to stream every Wednesday.

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