Cooking With Maangchi

I’m working on a new show that has a lot to do with YouTubers and various online celebrities which means I’ve been doing a lot of research in this field, getting to know the “power players” in this world. While many are super grating teens that I am jealous of, some are quite spectacular gems of microcontent. The best of this lot is a small, adorable, incredibly charismatic Korean woman by the name of Maangchi.

Maangchi has a YouTube cooking show where she teaches you how to make good, “healthy” Korean food that she loads with tons of sass and personality. She has an irresistible accent and puts little captions on videos that anthropomorphize the food she is preparing. She drinks in her videos, she gives low budget prep tips, and assures you that cooking great Korean food is easy. And it really does look easy! Especially when you have as nice of a kitchen as she has, sheesh.

There’s a lot going on here to love. First, she is fucking god damned precious. Her little accent is just painfully sweet not to mention her ten million dollar smile. She seems super earnest and involved in her making, truly happy to share with an audience. You don’t find such authentic personalities like this online anymore: she’s the real deal. Second, the food looks great. I have yet to try any but favorites like Korean double fried chicken and soju watermelon cocktail certainly invite you to make.

And why not make? She explains in great detail in her videos and has more information on her website. Moreover, all these goodies are coming to you in book form this May. It includes her recipes and photography and (most likely) remarkable peppiness. A few of my favorite videos of hers are below and, if you become addicted to her too, you too should pre-order her cookbook.

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