Creep Is Very Creepy

If you’ve seen the trailer for the film Creep, you don’t feel like you would be getting a good movie. It seems monotonous and grating and, due to the found footage nature, like something you have seen before. It doesn’t seem that great, really. Yet, it lives up to its name. The movie is fucking creepy.

The movie follows a guy (Patrick Brice) who is hired to film a full day of another, weirder guy (Mark Duplass) doing whatever he wants. There is an elaborate setup that is ridiculous that leads into a spiral of more and more ridiculous. It begins fairly innocently but builds to a very uncomfortable watch. You feel like the frames are closing in on you. It feels as if the movie is watching you.

This is because the movie is about hunter and prey—kind of. You don’t know who is watching who and, due to found footage motifs, you don’t know if the video you are watching is a video or a video of a video or something else entirely. Once the framing of this movie reveals itself to you it starts to make you feel disgusting, like the gross and icky Duplass is as the main creep (whose name is Josef). Given the title, you know someone and something is fucked up. But what is it? is it as obvious as you think? What is fact and what is fiction?

This is not the best film ever made. It’s worth the quick eight minutes, though. The little film is definitely one of the most odd experiences to come out this year, too. Yes, this description has been deliberately vague—but that’s because nothing should be ruined for you. Just get into it. It’s slow and it isn’t scary because it’s creepy. It makes you really fucking weirded out. You kind of want to take a bath after watching the film. Or wash your hands! Or use hand sanitizer! You want to do something to cleanse your physical palette.

Creep is on Netflix now and it’s a quick eightysomething minute film. It’s surprisingly not mumblecore and lovely in its obsessive qualities. You feel like you are experiencing a fucked up courtship that, at times, you wish you could step into to participate in. You may not believe me though but, obviously, that’s the point.

(Also, yes, I have a massive crush on Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass. I spent much of my time watching this movie and most things with these two wondering if they would ever have a threesome with me. They’re just so talented and so cute and so great. I think I would make a great misterhusband for a great, incestuous relationship.)

(Obviously, I’m the creep.)

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