Dance With Annie In 1993

In 1993, I was seven years old. I was very gay. I only listened to dance music. The first cassette tape I purchased was Ace Of Base’s The Sign. I was also very much obsessed with Real McCoy, particularly his song “Another Night.”

This is all something to be bashful about—but I am not. Aggressive cheese house of the early nineties is what I am all about. It is the foundation for my odd electronic leanings and my lifelong dedication to the Spice Girls. Blame the terrible dance music of my childhood. These feelings aren’t singular or unique: lots of people feel this way. Annie feels this way. Her catalogue has always toyed with an early nineties obsession—perhaps guiltily—but she has now fully embraced it.

Teaming up with iconic and sometimes cheesy producer Richard X, Annie has finally created the appropriate follow up to near-retro touching Anniemal from 2004. Yes, “Two Of Hearts” was on the nose delicious. “Follow Me” was a special house treat. “Anthonio,” “Songs Remind Me Of You,” and A&R were tickling—but they were inconsistent and longing. None of them did the past the right way.

The new release—Endless Vacation—turns directly to nineties concept, diving into the pool of pleasure to bathe in the right amount of musical nostalgia. There is the overly pleasurable “Cara Mia,” a Europop hit of an alternate dimension where Annie is actually Corona married to “La Isla” Madonna. Then there is the overly Euro nonsense “Dadaday.” The song is aware of it’s creepy Vengaboys connections but, unlike the Vengaboys, Annie and Richard are concerned with creating a song lodged in a sound and a day dream obsession. “Out Of Reach” rivals “Cara Mia” for the most lost in time as it compares to the sad-dance subgenre made popular by “Missing” and “Return To Innocence.” Like the two, it’s a song about literal searching and reflection that requires synthetic pipes and deep thoughts in bed. Closer “WorkX2” was made for step-aerobics. My mom danced to this song as I clapped to her going up and down to the cadence of the big haired woman’s calls from the workout tape she had. That’s “WorkX2.”

The release features some of the year’s best artwork, too: it’s a tape. No, it isn’t actually a tape but it is. She’s wearing a bathing suit, soaking up fake sun with fake wet hair. Another Annie smiles in the background, in on the joke. She’s inviting you to an audible holiday.

This is Annie’s most polished, exciting release because there is no error in the fifteen minutes of music she gives you. (Also, it’s released on the label Pleasure Masters, AKA her and Richard X’s venue for releasing.) Today is Wednesday and you need a jam session to get through the week: Annie has it for you. Look at her Endless Vacation playing cards and listen below. Happy 1993!

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