Dark Dance Into The Night: A New Mix From Tiga

Tiga is a golden god of techno. He is a dance daddy. He is the hottest man in the biz.

He’s in full promo mode too since he has a new album coming out next year and a new single out now. The promo also includes themed playlists for sale and breaking news regarding record labels. It also means mixes, which is the best part of electronic artists doing promos. You get an hour (Plus!) solid listen—and Tiga never disappoints when he does this. (Save for his Fact mix from 2013. That was kind of boring.)

This week he’s dropped a new mix with Resident Advisor. It touches on some new songs of his and provides new entries into his itchy house obsessions and reworks of songs you’ve never heard before. While not a proper release, the mix feels like the serious sequel to the delicious Non-Stop mix from 2012. This new mix has lots of Tiga’s touchstones (hollow percussive ticks, handclaps, fuzzy synth high-hat) with an added darkness to bridge these twenty one songs to his new one.

The mix is well done. Obviously. Just put it on and dance into the night. It’s free too: download it here.

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