Dawn Of The Artisanal Newsletter

Here’s some news for you: Lena Dunham is starting a newsletter. This isn’t a website and it isn’t a blog. This is something different, a more “personal” and decidedly post-church retro choice to extend her girly hand from Manhattan to wherever you are. This is the dawn of the artisanal newsletter.

As New York magazine is reporting, “Dunham plans to launch Lenny, a bi-weekly email newsletter that will offer advice, essays, and product recommendations to millennial women.” It’s a blog that comes to you, a Hello Giggles with hinds, a Goop with gams, a Preserve with paws: it’s basically celebrity bullshit coming to you, with an alternative slant. It is interesting, that she is opting for this medium as her way to “connect” with young women. I give her this.

Here’s the catch, though: “Eventually, they plan to expand into e-commerce, focusing on artisan products created by women.” Roll your eyes, please. This isn’t just happy, fun, lovely newsing from Lenny but a skipping Lena’s Urban Outfitters pop-up. Still, this is still smart because it releases her from the cuffs of constant “blogging” (and by “her” I mean “people she pays”). I am intrigued to see how it will work because, like many other email lists I’m on, I read a part of it and then delete it. How will she find analytics too? We’ll see. We’ll also see if newslettering “catches on.”

I’ll leave you with this, which should give you a little cringe of delight/pain.

And though it’s following in the footsteps of other celebrity lifestyle projects, don’t call it Goop (Lenny will target the young and the broke, as opposed to the parental and the privileged) or the anti-Goop.

“We don’t see Lenny as the anti-Goop, even though we realize that our readers may not have the same income in their lives,” Dunham said. Plus, Konner added, “We worship Gwyneth. She has literally been the most supportive person of this project of anyone we’ve spoken to.”

>__< I signed up though >__< Photo via.

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