Dentists Appointment For Dogs

Show me a dog in a sweater and I will show you a smile on my face. Show me a dog in a cute sweater? I will vibrate into a state of ecstasy beyond the realm of happiness.

That seems to be the motto of Korean dog brand Dentists Appointment, a brand that is making beyond adorable dog clothing. Their clothing fuses together cutesy colors with kooky characters akin to Mr. Men. They can do everything from form fitting dog sweaters to god damned Hawaiian shirts for puppies. Slap me in my dumb fucking face: this shit is too cute. A little Magnum PI bb. Ugh. I hate this. I want a bus to plow through my ass and rip me in half.

I mean, come on: I don’t actually hate this. It’s just soul crushingly adorable. What Dentists Appointment is doing is the sort of dog branded design fantasy that people like me have sexual desires about. Like, look: they’re even making adorable poop bags. This is my kind of content!!!! Considered shit to help your dog take a shit. I’m here for it.

Moreover, they have lots of other cute goods from bowls to bags to collars and toys and leashes. They want to revamp how our dogs look and, frankly, this is the work of an entity that wants to watch me suffocate on my own tongue.

Please enjoy Dentists Appointment and obsess over them like I am. I need a fucking Hawaiian shirt for my lil bb. Then I will jump out of a window because I cannot comprehend how cute he will be.

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