Did You Know There Is A Succulent That Looks Like A Broken Rock?

Succulents are cool. But you know what’s cooler? Succulents that are trying to look like something they are not. The Split Rock succulent—or “Pleiospilos nelii”—is just that too.

The plants look like rocks that have been dropped, splitting perfectly down the center. They appear to be leathery and scaled, perhaps desert rocks with a little fungus growing on them hence their commonly being called “mimicry plants.” They’re tough South African thick leafed creatures that split to spit out flowers. Here’s what a flower looks like:

Pleiospilos nelii Split Rock Succulent 1234KYLE5678 2

It’s like some alien changling shit. What’s also super sci-fi about them is that they produce in two ways: their flowers can be fertilized or they can reproduce through budding. So, they have sex with others—or no one. Good for you, Pleiospilos!

I found these while shopping for some plants a week ago. They are just so fascinating looking, these thick, fat Bulbosaur knots. I had to get one and I’ve been obsessed with mine: it’s gone from not-that-split rock to almost sprouting a flower in the time that I’ve had it. Like? What the shit? It’s a little metamorphosis happening on a bedroom shelf. The little guy requires very little maintenance too. Is that a rock like quality? Probably. But, a plant pretending to be a rock is a million times better than a Pet Rock. Guaranteed.

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