Diet & Fitness Stars For Donald Trump

Celebrities might not be quick to endorse the slow moving mustard slick that is Donald Trump but he has accrued quite a vocal following in one, very specific aspect of celebrity: the diet and fitness community.

Ranging from infomercial stars to top notch athletes, people who pride themselves on their body over their brains have been jumping on board the teetering hate freak show that is Trump’s campaign. It’s a fascinating little scene and, while it is in some ways surprising, their backing him really isn’t a shock given all of these people—Like Trump.—represent a D list version of celebrity. A win for Trump is a win for the entertainment underdog, proof that the sun can rise again on the shitty coves of your beach.

Moreover, this all seems to make sense given Trump’s own diet advice. “You can’t just think like a billionaire; you have to eat like one,” he says, eventually elaborating on some sort of quack diet called the “Mar-A-Lago Diet.” So why are we surprised that informercial stars and the like love Trump? Because he, himself, is an informercial.

Thus, enjoy eleven diet and fitness stars for Trump. Then wash your hands.

Jenny Craig
The entree into this discussion, diet empress Craig is a huge Trump supporter. In fact, the woman herself hosted a fundraiser for the man yesterday in San Diego, one that was set to raise four million dollars for his campaign. Your diet? It’s apparently supporting this man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
A former fitness star turned action star turned politician turned cheater turned Donald Trump, the Republican “Governator” has been holding his endorsement but Trump seems to be who he is going to go for. In fact, many believe that Schwarzenegger’s own political career paved the way for Trump to run.

Dennis Rodman
Clearly a politico as he’s North Korea’s best friend, Rodman announced last Summer with the above Tweet that Trump was the man for him.

Kirstie Alley
Fellow Jenny Craig person and actress Kirstie Alley opened up this past year about going all in for Trump by Tweeting up a storm for him. This opens up a question, outside of her being a woman for Trump: are Scientologists the untapped market for Republicans?

Lou Ferrigno
This man above who is mumbling his love for Trump outside of LAX is, supposedly, the original Hulk but he looks nothing like the Ferrigno I know. Regardless, this nip tucked version of him “loves” Trump.

Tom Brady
The two are friends. Brady, his most high brow supporter, has yet to actually support him. We can only assume he will. Gisele: weigh in and check your man (and his hair).

Mike Tyson
Of course Tyson loves Trump. He went on “TV” to talk all about it last year! To make matters more interesting, stranger, political, and whatever you want to call it, Tyson has even been outspoken about being a Muslim for Trump. Well. This is all very shrug emticon.

Caitlin Jenner
While she is a trans advocacy star and Kardashian accessory, Caitlin always will be an athlete turned fitness infomercial star turned reality queen. She is very vocally Republican, as we learned in her Diane Sawyer interview, and that hasn’t relented in the face of Trump’s hatemongering: Caitlyn wants to be dealed into Trump’s world.

Mike Ditka
I forget who this hot box of an NFL person is—someone I confuse for that WWE guy—but he also supports Trump.

Hulk Hogan
Why are we surprised. From one can of Five Alive™ to another, they will make a perfect politico pair.

Terrell Owens
Another fairly high level athlete and Celebrity Apprentice alumn, Owens conjured Trump’s own language to hire him as president. Good luck with that!

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