Digital Dream Diary, April 2018

What were my dreams this month? They were all over the place.

I have been slightly slacking on logging what I’ve been seeing in my sleep but I did have enough to share. If you, like me, want to log your dreams, you have to do it immediately after you wake up. Otherwise, everything fades from the mind almost immediately after. A word of the wise!

Anyway, here’s April 2018’s dreams. Anyone have an interpretation of them?

Tuesday, 4.2.2018, Palm Springs, CA
There’s this school, one that I’ve dreamt about before. It’s abstract and big but also somewhat like a modern barn. It reminds of the Emerald City. I can’t find a teacher or student but I have a magazine to give them. I find out they died and am sad but move on to give the magazine to someone else. I set up a garden. I cover it with protective netting. I talk to the school bouncer, an adult-child who reads a lot. We talk about the dead person and magazine subscriptions. My dad is at school.

Friday, 4.6.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I’m cleaning out a house, desperately trying to recycle everything. I had made my way to this place after a sprawling, stressful bus and train ride but I’m finally organizing this stuff. I’m trying to give things away to people, to friends and family, but it’s more difficult than I think. I eventually give a care package to my classmate Olivia. She’s happy to get stuff but she already owns what I gave her already. I realize that we all have too much stuff. Why did all this shit end up in my possession to begin with?

Sunday, 4.15.3018, Los Angeles, CA
I am very mad at Bobby. I’m producing a movie or doing some sort of production that requires a lot of people to approve, like Marisa, a professor I have. I eventually go silent, tuning everyone out for my mental wellbeing. Then there is a 10K that I plan to run. The race begins and I am so confident and I make it one lap of the course without stopping or tiring. Then Bobby appears and is trying to get me to talk but I’m still mad at him. Others start doing the same thing. I get even more mad. It gets to the point where I stop running and start yelling at people, having a sort of sobbing, messy breakdown that no one understands.

Tuesday, 4.17.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I was an artist. I was making. That is all I remember.

Wednesday, 4.18.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I was trying to put together a tent inside and had to clean the floor beforehand. A series of katydids are making this impossible, climbing up poles and sticking to walls. I try to wipe them off. They stay put. I make my peace with them and build the tent.

Wednesday, 4.25.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I like this one fancy tea from France. It’s called French Breakfast Tea by Mariage Fréres. I recently intended to buy a new box of these teas but bought the wrong one, instead buying Paris Breakfast Tea. They’re very different. In this dream that I had – which I mostly do not remember – someone gifted me a box of both. I was very excited although I was a little anxious because I’ve been trying to get rid of my Paris Breakfast Teas. Why? Because I just want my French Breakfast Tea again and I don’t want these other ones going to waste.

Thursday, 4.26.2018, Los Angeles, CA
Last year for my birthday, I bought a giant cerulean bone from an antique store in Palm Springs that I had been eyeing for years. It’s just a bone. Nothing that wild. In my dream, the bone had hands. It sat on the living room table as it does in real life with coasters tucked under the bony slope between joints. But, in the dream, I decided to put the coasters in the bone’s hands. It was more efficient, more stylish.

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