Digital Dream Diary, August 2018

Remember when I didn’t have a lot of dreams in July? Things came back like woah for August.

I don’t really see any themes pronouncing themselves but I did notice that things picked up, dreams within dreams, epic tales. A lot went on! I dug it all.

So! Tell me what you think. Here’s a selection of my top dreams from the past month.

Sunday, 8.5.2018, Los Angeles
My friend Kirby is getting married soon and I dreamt about coordinating a ride to her wedding with friends. It was a bungle and never got set.

Me and my siblings and Bobby and the dogs are staying at an Airbnb that is super shitty. It’s like a church fun house. Olly keeps shitting on the ground and things keep catching on fire. The lock on the front door breaks. The owners want to charge us thousands to fix things. I plan for us to sneak out, so that shit doesn’t get violent.

Tuesday, 8.7.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I am at a sort of fellowship with all the people I was in the fellowship with in July. I can’t find any good food. It’s the last day and there are all sorts of presentations. I mainly attend an improv event where each non-member has to set up a scene for the group to play with. Having done improv, it’s hard for me not to micro manage. This takes place atop a large glass building overlooking a small stadium where there is a beauty pagent featuring women in giant dresses and men with stupidly large torsos. A building floats around campus and we take it for a ride

Thursday, 8.9.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I am living with a commune, inside a warehouse. There is a giant man that I lust after. We keep almost fooling around, leading each other on. My siblings and I live there. I need the giant man’s help since I’m too scared to walk up a catwalk. He helps me, because his room is next to it. He holds my hand. He is very nice but has a sad job and awful hygiene. I realize that I’m taking from him even without doing anything. There is a turkey leg restaurant downstairs. I find him eating there when I go to eat with my brothers. I steer them away because it’s sad. We leave and I’m with Bobby. We are in a pharmacy. He gets a call about his grandmother: she’s dying. An active shooter walks into the turkey leg place and shoots people but it seems fake. He leaves and threatens to shoot me but doesn’t. I’m not scared. The police take him and he throws a grenade at me. I think it’s fake but run away in case it isn’t. It explodes. Thank god we ran away.

Friday, 8.10.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I am in Augusta GA. I’m with family and they are acting weird, gaslighting me and saying that I did something very bad to my sister, insinuating that I got drunk and said some inappropriate things. I know it’s not true and I walk out. Augusta looks like Europe. I come across a giant palace, a la Versaille, that is a new cultural center. A concert with Ladysmith Black Mambazo is happening. I run into my old teacher Ann Beth. She is much taller! We hug and have a brief chat before she goes. There are a lot of models there. I run into my friend Eric and I leave with him to get a cocktail. His car is normal but he has to remove his bumper to drive. We go to a tiny dive bar that isn’t a bar but an orphange. We make it back to Versaille and are hanging out with the models. Apparently, designers have been buying space to house models and more people have been shooting and doing work in Augusta. The group we hang with work for Alexander Wang. We all drink and hang out and I know that this is a major story that I need to break.

Monday, 8.13.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I work at a sort of school. It’s the mid-eighties but now. I’m trying to clean shit up so I can go on a trip but I keep trying to get content. My friend Halley does social media for a comedian like Nicole Byer. I have a globe sized salt grinder that they want to use for a Twitter prank. One day at the school, I work with my old boss Luke to cover a cardboard box with Tim Burton movie themed wrapping paper. His wife is in the other room. My mom wants us all to go so I start throwing shit away but all this mid-eighties shit is too funny and I want to take photos. I should be leaving but I want to take photos. Also: there was a moment where students in the school were sitting on exercise balls and, jokingly, I turned to my old boss and explain that exercise ball sitting is “bottom culture,” which he did not get.

Friday, 8.17.2018, Los Angelesc CA
I’m at a sort of camp outside of Philadelphia. It’s for adults and not and may or may not be related to crew. I’m in a boxy, modern apartment complex where a camper lives, one of whom has a jacuzzi on her roof which is also the entry to her apartment. I sneak in with a friend, another Puerto Rican person, and the woman who lives in the aprtment sneaks through her jacuzzi to talk with us. We talk about having curly or wavy hair. We all leave, by bus, and pass a mountain where I point out that I hiked it by myself last time I was here, when everyone else refused to climb. I almost died in that experience, I say, but I survived. There is a request to stop and we do so at a movie theatre. Rachel is there. People in the bus want to stay to watch the movie, which is the new Greta Gerwig film. The film begins and teens rush the stage: it’s a midnight screening so it has become a Rocky Horror style cult pheoneoma. Half my group is pissed while the other acknowledges that this happens. The film starts with a musical within the musical of a Spice Girls or similar song and wanders around a camp. People in the audience fire super soakers and scream and talk. It’s a free for all. The lead actress is readying to leave high school and her older sister, played by Greta Gerwig, wants her to leave California. They chat in her Hollywood Hills house. Their mom, Laurie Metcalf, lives down the street but, in hill speak, it’s down the hill. They can yell at each other through a window. There is a scene where Louis Vuirton Series 3 stars in Raf Simmons Calvin Klein apparel do a heartfelt jingle a la “Heal The World.” It’s a hysterixal parody but no one else laughs as much as I do.

Sunday 8.19.2018, Los Angeles, CA
Imp Kid was in my dream, explaining their gender to me.

Tuesday, 8.21.2018, Palm Springs, CA
I am working on a fashion show or some sort of production or performance when the threat of John Wayne Gacy is raised. It was quite stressful.

I stole Bert The Pom so I could sketch him, as a gift for Kathy, his owner.

Wednesday, 8.22.2018, Palm Springs, CA
I’m at a sort of fellowship in a church where Peter opts to speak. He’s super positive. There is an outdoor party where everyone gets very drunk. I take the train with a Korean woman.

Monday, 8.27.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I’m starting a new high school. My mom teaches there. My family’s house is connected to part of the property yet the main property is a mile away, an easy walk that no one really takes. I need to go to the bathroom and the only option is in my parents room. They installed a toilet in their bedside table. It’s weird enough that I use it. Robert, an aquatinance, is the plumber. He is much bulkier. He stops by to see if I need help. I hit on him, explaining that his titties are filling out his breast pockets quite nicely. His shirt is off momentarily. Then it’s back on. Then it’s off. I want to fool around but he leaves to do work. I try to walk to school but keep getting caught up.

Tuesday, 8.28.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I am in London. I’m there for some project, be it school or something else. There is a dance. David is there and he keeps getting flirty with me. We go back to his place in the school, which is like an underground treehouse. Some of his friends are there. They are very cool! We become a clique. We have to go to school the next day within a retail store. They act like they are above learning and keep leaving and are late and are generally annoying me. I walk around the fancy shops on breaks without them, coveting things. A man comes up to me and tells me to come back to the store, where the manager and employees tell me that I won all this free shit. I put on the clothes and they take me on a tour of all the stores. Utibe pops up and takes me on a different tour because she’s from there. Class resumes and my old friends can tell something is different about me. I ignore them.

Wednesday, 8.29.2018, Los Angeles, CA
Bobby and I happen upon a Nintendo new employee orientation. As a joke, we sit down to join it. No one notices us. We realize it’s a Christian Nintendo group. Everyone is very touchy feelie. I’m immediately out of it and whisper we should leave. “Let’s stay!” Bobby says. “It’s funny!” He starts getting too involved and refuses to leave. We start fighting, quietly, and I’m furious with him for not listening because, the longer we stay, the longer we risk trouble or conversion – and I’m not having either. After hours of dealing with this, I get up and I leave. I go to a costume store in the parking lot. There’s also a pet store in a tree. I’m still so furious at Bobby. We go to the movies later with our friend Jon. Bobby forgets his phone but realizes it as we’re walking in the house, at 3AM. I’m still so mad. I try to explain why I’m mad and he plays dumb. It’s also December and we haven’t decorated for Christmas and I explain that this is also a problem. The house is a mess. He wants a drink and I tell him no. I sleep in another room.

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