Digital Dream Diary, July 2018

July was mostly without dreams. It was strange!

August? It’s already picked up. Thus, here are all the recorded dreams for July. There’s not that many. I don’t know why they briefly turned so scant but they did. Thankfully, I’m back on my bullshit as you will see by the end of the month.

Also: lots of fucked up dreams in July. What was up with my mind?

Monday, 7.2.2018, Los Angeles, CA
This was quite disturbing. I’m in the country, a mountainous and tree filled green area. There is the threat of giant bears. It’s like a Rock movie. Me and a man are trying to safeguard our house. My parents are away. On a dark, stormy night, we rush to a Wal-Mart knowing the bears are coming. We get most of what we need when, suddenly, there is an erie sense that something is happening: they’re close. We steal our goods and get in the car. The man I am with goes to the bathroom and we cannot find him. The Wal-Mart people assure us all is well but we know they are wrong. Cars start flying off the road, eager to escape in this wet night mess. I leave my friend, to find a woman in my car. I take her with me and we escape driving wildly through the night until our car more or less dies atop a green hill. We and other survivors are trying to climb our way out. We feel safe. Then, a “bear” emerges: a giant, rotund man-possum creature who is bloody and wet. He starts to attack our group. I try to escape with my partner but she gets snatched up, raped, and devoured by the man-possum. I force myself awake since it is so disturbing.

Sunday, 7.8.2018, Los Angeles, CA
Zombies are coming. This happens. I’m at Mickey’s university and we are planning how to push them off. We huddle into a giant plantation house with a plan that I know will go wrong — and it does. I escape with some people to some tennis courts with giant foam bumpers. No one is listening to me again and we fail at fending off the zombies.

Monday, 7.9.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I work for a very interesting new media company like Buzzfeed that switches up your job every few days and fosters an internal mentoring program. My current job is a de facto spiritual guru. Mickey works there too. Jennie Pierson and I are teamed up for the day and she confesses she has a huge crush on Mickey. I tell her to take it slow. Later, I go to the bathroom in a haunted room where someone is showering and flirting with me.

Monday, 7.16.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I think I’ve been too busy to dream. I’ve been dreaming, yes, but not remembering them.

Wednesday, 7.18.2018, Los Angeles, CA
Bobby and I had a bit of a fight. He goes off with the dogs to a hotel in what feels like Santa Barbara with the dogs and a group of Viners/YouTubers. I eventually get so mad or feel so bad that I crash his party and take the dogs — but I’m a mess. I get kicked out and am trying to be covert but I lose Scooter only to get him back. I wander through town carrying the dogs, trying to escape, walking over boats, and eventually end up in a tree canopy that has a bunch of old groceries in it. Dr. Phil’s studying these food items for an experiment. He tells me I shouldn’t be here and leads me out of the canopy by climbing down. The tree is thousands of feet high, impossibly thick, ending in what appears to be an inverted four post bed that rests on a house. The homeowner is happy to see us as I am stressed. Somehow the dogs survived this too.

I’m working on producing an art show about strange spaces and how they manifest capitalism. I go to each space with a team and try to find or record what they believe is their “product.” It ends up being a kooky survey of American mania.Thursday, 7.19.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I’m involved with a strange school where the are doing a taping of The Ellen Show. We have a game night. My friend S is there. His dad had just died and I’m trying to distract him. We all drive around, taking weird roads. We are in a gay mall and walk around and a man from a distance pulls out a gun and shoots a wall. We are concerned until we realize he won’t harm anyone. We are in line to order raw cookie dough from a strange Stone Cold Creamery style place. My parents are there and my mom is pregnant. I will be 23 years older than the baby. We are in Puerto Rico but it is actually Germany. I’m back in school and we’re doing group theatre projects. At first, I work alone. Then, I work with two pretty girls.

Friday, 7.20.2018, Los Angeles, CA
Our friend Adam is having a book sale. Most of the books we own — or belong to him — and it makes me think that we’d be better friends.

Sunday, 7.22.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I am in a fancy, giant college. I live through years there. I have so many friends and I’m so full of love. There is an earthquake and I realize I’m at home. Bobby and I are trying to decorate a bedroom but I’m being a child: I don’t want to. My parents and my Aunt Colleen come home and I feel like I want to work.

Tuesday, 7.31.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I work for a new, experimental medical compnay. We’re trying to create a new style of surgery involving giant pools and suspending paralyzed persons, where doctors are like astronauts swimming around the person to fix them. They somehow need perfromer types to help which is where I come in. The company has problems and I can tell something is wrong. They eventually get into medical fashion (a la burkas of some sort) and we have a fashion show and I am one of the models which isn’t weird except I’m not a woman. The company dissolves and I’m in Germany for school hanging out with my friend Philip. We go to a weird food hall for students that doesn’t seem right. I start working at a high end thrift store with my aunt. It goes out of business. As we’re packing shit up, my aunt notices how cool everything is. A few shoppers come in. We are in need of a little key at the top of giant Mayan ruins that may or may not be real. I go to get it and the process involves crazy acrobatics. I almost die and give up returning to my aunt. A little black boy is shopping and she’s confronting him. Turns out, he was taking free things and she thought he was stealing. I send him on his way and the shop closes down.

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