Digital Dream Diary, November 2018

November was a wild month, fam.

Holidays, school work, parties, and more: it was almost too much to keep up with. But we made it! We’re in December and we’re thriving.

My dreams matched this mania as I even went a full week without a dream. I blame the month. Peruse below and, perhaps, you had a similar experience this month.

Thursday, 11.1.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I order a piece of art online, a painting of a guy and the word OK that is green and red but has been painted over in white. It’s not amazing but is fun and I feel like the artist may become something. The artist has a tour in his warehouse and I bring the painting for him to sign. I’m the only one who does this. I realize the painter and his factory warehouse are rich kids run amok. However, the artist does also work with lower income women to help them succeed. It’s hard to be mad at him. I leave, ending up in a house adjacent to his. It is like a supersized but accurately sized 1970s McMansion. I use the bathroom. There is a giant ceiling space that is a stage of sorts but is akin to giant bookshelves. A drag troupe performs. I don’t remember their first performance but their second is a detailed reenactment and presentation about the parts of the foot. The artist and I watch, despite being enticed to participate.

Friday, 11.2.2018, Los Angeles, CA
It’s Lindsay’s birthday and we’re having a party at her house. Then it’s Tim’s birthday and we’re at his house. Then it’s Lindsay’s birthday again. Then we’re in an abandoned house where pool cleaners are. Then I’m talking to a middle aged white woman about remodeling her home. Then I’m in a fancy house where Rihanna is in attendance.

Saturday, 11.3.2018, Los Angeles, CA
This is one of the best dreams I’ve had in awhile – and it’s all about design, spaces, and traveling in place. Bobby and I are living in our apartment. It’s a beautiful Spanish building that we have lived in for years. We’re a little bored. I wander around the complex one day, in my boredom, taking the dogs out. I discover a rear mini-apartment, this beautiful Art Deco meets Spanish revivalist wing that I had never seen by an exit. It appears to be a one bedroom – or perhaps a studio – built around a very traditional concrete bar, one you might see at a restaurant. It is styled to look like an interior design wonder, of baby pinks and soft teals. It is gorgeous. I find out that these apartments are called porticos and they are fully furnished sublets for extended stay visitors to Los Angeles (or wherever we are). I tell Bobby about it and that we should definitely spend our Winters in a portico. I bring him down to see the place and discover more, all full of very attractive men. I realize we are some of the attractive men too although not actually recognizing that. We’re home, in a sense. We discover a restaurant next to the original portico which is a dazzling two-story fine dining establishment. We sit down at each part of the restaurant and I realize that next door is where we want to be, in this constant brunch spot that looks like the original portico. I try to photograph the spaces but they all end up blurry or blown out. I specifically want to Boomerang them so I can Insta them but nothing holds. We finally figure out how to make it into the other restaurant which is like the original portico but a restaurant. I’m in love. I never want to leave. It’s a design dream. We go back to our apartment which is now a hotel room. We discover the history of the building which is that it was inspired by Dolly Parton’s original house that was built and rebuilt through time, as various McMansions, as a tree house, as a strange structure of slides. The building we are in has always been across the street. I’m bummed this wasn’t Dolly’s place but find it all funny. We discover some shops in a farmers market like the Farmers Market at The Grove. They all are soft open. Two we find are vintage stores with strange crafts and Americana ephemera. Bobby wants to buy things and I like the place but am not wild. I love the design of the spaces though. The saleswoman notes that we can’t really buy anything because they have to meet a sales quota for the day or no sales can occur. This doesn’t stop Bobby from asking about funny sculptures that are painted over bread glued and tied together to fake (I think?) fruit. He breaks two of them. The saleswoman jokes about that. He wants to put them in our bedroom, as decoration. I don’t think he buys them but I don’t wait around to find out: I discover a skylight and wander over to look at it.

Monday, 11.5.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I’m working in a weird office that is also a place to live. Spiders are a problem. Someone puts cookies by a window. Tarantulas show up. Erica kills them after my stressing about them. I go to a special movie showing at The Broad. I keep stepping out. I never see it. I go to a party at Halley’s.

Saturday, 11.10.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I am at the Tom of Finland house with Peter for school. It is cute and attached to a buggy house. They are nice but play pranks. The bigger house connects to Joan Crawford’s estate. Her kids, who I know, are having an all weekend slumber party. It’s fun! We wear costumes but she is very mean. We wander the property and the architecture is incredible. There is a French resort within the grounds. I talk to Joan who is so mean. She and I and an older woman and older man who are dying to make dinner. I am stuck with them for days. It is very tense. I am at an audition for a new Wizard of Oz musical starring Dorian Electra. I vaguely audition but mostly watch. Moodkiller auditions in a robot coatume that looks so dumb. He does a dance with a ton of robots that sounds dumb but is incredible. He made it all out of vegetables and explains that people in Germany are most surprised that he invented this technology. He has a VHS series/how-to guide for making vegetable costumes. I go to Wal-Mart with him, mostly to check on my mom who works there. She’s cleaning the floor in a frozen food section after the freezers were moved. She tells me a lot of frozen foods make a mess. I fee so bad that she has to mop floors at a Wal-Mart.

11.17 – 11.24.2018, El Paso & Alpine, Texas
I had many dreams. I could not remember any of them. They came to me, were experienced, and left. It was like mental cotton candy.

Tuesday, 11.27.2018, Los Angeles, CA
I’m going up and down a parking deck that wraps around a mall and I am hiding from security. I am in a rainy Blade Runner city. My dad needs us all to behave but I know I have to be bad. I am in Europe. We are at a fashion week. I am covering the affair for a publication. I am very fashionable. We are at a Gucci presenation. Bobby and I walk outside, in a parking lot toward the next event. I find hundreds of dollars on the ground that no one noticed. We are working with some sort of film crew who need me to keep resetting a set. I’m exhausted.

Wednesday, 11.28.2018
I am talking about Sigrid Nunez’s The Friend. It’s such a good book! I love the design and I keep discussing that with people and recommending it to friends, specifically my friend Erika. We are at her house drinking wine. She wants us to stay the night so that we don’t have to worry about getting home. The dogs are with us so we could stay with her. The room is in the basement and the house is a sort of fabulous cement modernist something.

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