Do /lgbt/ Mods Hate Fat Gays?

Do you go onto 4chan? I don’t. I really have no idea how the site works but I’ve never not been attracted to it’s irreverent Internet politics. I recently discovered they have an LGBT page, too, that is quite active. I infrequently visit and, recently, there’s been a quiet battle between mods and gay chubby lovers. What gives?

What generally has been happening is a post will be started with a photo of a sexy positioned alternative looking gay man, be it a bear or general fat dude. Simple enough: no harm, no foul. Yet, the posts kept getting deleted. The straw that looked to have broke the mods’ back was this recently archived bit, where the posters stood up for themselves.

The aforementioned posted started simply with asking not to be deleted, followed up with questions like, “Isn’t there any mod rule stating that it’s against the rules to delete threads that aren’t violating rules?” The theories on the thread are that more feminine (“femgen,” which unfortunately bleeds into transphobia) or svelte gay men don’t agree with the posts but the answer really seems to lie—

Because it’s the last gay taboo. With gay teens use of steroid abuse being the highest and the idea that you need abs and a muscular chest to be attractive in the gay community the idea of being over weight, hairy and even balding seems like a dirty shame. A lot of guys hook up with chubs but never date them or introduce them to their friends. The chubs because the dirty little secret and used.

There are some fascinating debates here amongst subtle fat shaming, fetish gazing, and trolling (duh). The thread didn’t get deleted and apparently “the were” getting deleted because of NSFW and inappropriate posting, which sounds unbelievable for a site like 4chan to really care about. A new thread has gotten started, focused more on muscle chubs and getting into some fascinating philosophical debates. (“I hate that I like guys a bit chubby. I want my boyfriend to be healthy but I also want him to have a bit of heft to him.”: boy, I feel you.)

I’m going to keep watching the threads because it really does feel like it’s disapproved of for no other reason than being unfamiliar and commonly “unattractive.” Also, there is quite nice eye candy.

Update: Looks like the post after this was deleted and now people are resorting to this technique to keep chubgen posts going. Interesting.

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