Dog Books For Dog People

Every Christmas I get at least two dog books. People know me, people know I love dogs, and people know I can read or look at photos so—Hey.—dog books end up in wrapping paper and given to me.

As a kind-of expert on the subject, I have some advice on what to gift that person who loves dogs and has eyes. There are so many dog books and the below are a varied enough breakdown that you’ll find something for everyone. Woof, dudes!

Inside Of A Dog
The most academic of the lot, Alexandra Horowitz’s book helps you understand the psychology of our beloved pets. This is like a detailed instruction manual on dogs with humorous, sometimes heart-tugging explanations of how they are wired.

Love to get kissed by puppies? This is your book: it’s a bunch of photographs of dogs sticking their tongues out, making faces for the camera. Photographed by pet photographer Ty Foster, it’s a cute capturing of dogs in the act. You can read a little interview I did with Foster here.

Most of these books would be fine for kids and families but this book by writer and illustrator Jackie Clark Mancuso is a pet book for the internationally aware child. It’s an adorable family friendly book that should satisfy your wanderlust—and put a kid to sleep. (And, yes, someone has gifted me this book because it has my two loves.)

The Printed Dog
Yo, fashion dog people: this is your jam. Yes, it is technically a magazine but it’s only existing for one issue makes it a collector’s item. It features dog art and dog stories and is as adorable as it is funny. Need more? It’s from the same people who do Candy.

Show Dogs
This is probably the best dog book of the past five years. It’s a dog photography classic! Featuring the work of Kate Lacey—and turned into an app too—this book is something to think about as an artsy photo focused reference item for what different breeds look like.

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