Can we get a weekend from our weekend? I’m somewhat refreshed but ultimately very grumpy and frustrated given what’s been happening in America. Thus, a potential antidote: dog news. DOG NEWS!!

OutKast’s Big Boi Gives Puppy To Girl Paralyzed In Shooting
This is cute: Big Boi helped cheer up a little ailing girl by giving her a puppy. The real question though is if she’ll be able to handle and care for the animal due to her condition. I trust this will all work out!

Success In Placing Shelter Dogs Takes More Than Temperament Tests
This is interesting: a dog temperament test involving seeing how they react to having their food fucked with has been disputed. So what does that mean for shelter dogs? We shall see.

Truck Driver, Puppy Reunited Thanks to Hospital Nurses in Iowa
After a health scare, a truck driver passing through Iowa was taken to the hospital – but his dog was left behind. So what happened to the dog? Thankfully, it made its way back to him thanks to some doggy do-gooders.

Dog Honks Horn To Get Owner Out Of Store
Would you look at this extra dog? I wish I were this extra.

NYPD Dog Recovers After Falling Through Attic During Raid
A police dog named “Timoshenko” was doing its job helping find a bunch of guns and…fell through the dang ceiling. Poor baby! The recovery photo is pretty dang cute too.

War Dog Memorial Dedicated In Lake Orion
Are war dog memorials becoming more of a thing? Potentially! And this Michigan incarnation might be a little proof of this.

Link AKC is Your Dog’s Fitbit
This new, pretty sweet looking collar is pretty smart and can track your dog’s movements. Nice! My question is: does any dog actually need such smart tech? I think not.

Couple Forces Dog To Drag Weights During His Walk: Is It Animal Cruelty?
In very interesting training and neighborhood disputes, a couple training a dog with weights is under fire for their technique by a seemingly over-dramatic onlooker. I’m undecided on if this is right or wrong but it certainly calls into question how one trains (or parents) a creature.

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