DOG NEWS!! Here Is Some Dog News!

Here’s some dog news for you. DOG NEWS!! It is news about dogs.

Tom Hardy Took His Dog To The “Legend” Premiere And It Was Adorable
Has anyone else done this before? I feel like it’s a first. And the dog chased a bird! This is a good dog. Take that, Ryan Gosling’s dog!

Inside Every Soccer Ball
If this is true, I will buy so many fucking soccer balls and kick them all until they unlock so many sweet little spotted dogs.

Cute Dog But… What’s the Deal With the Equally Friendly Deer?
A deer is a dog, no? They look the same. I can’t tell the difference.

Here’s Star Wars‘ BB-8 In A Room Full Of Adorable Puppies
Every dog owner should get one of these toys simply to enjoy how happy or sad their dog gets by it. You know you will love it!

Editorial For Love Magazine: Dogs In Denim
Damn, fucking Neville Jacobs is so hot right now. And more runoff of Menswear Dog! I mean, I get it—but way overhyped.

Dwayne Johnson Celebrated Labor Day by Saving His Puppy Because He Is a Real-Life Superhero
This photo is good enough to eat. What an American hero. I also confuse The Rock and Vin Diesel a lot and that is very upsetting.

Dog Found Breastfeeding A Starving Abandoned Child
A cat would never do this. Dogs are special creatures. Hug a dog.

A World Record Attempt—For Brushing Dogs’ Teeth
Sure. Why not.

This Dog Is Just As Afraid Of Bugs As You Are
This is me. “Hi, I am a bulldog afraid of bugs,” I say. This is a video of me. I am a bulldog baby.

Dog Is Playing Drums
Look at that tongue. He’s just playing heart out!

Dogs Love To Swim In Pools
In dreams I walk with you
In dreams I talk to you
In dreams you’re mine all the time
We’re together in dreams, in dreams

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