DOG NEWS!! Here Is Some Dog News For You.

Well, a lot is happening in dog world because dogs are always happening. So how do you get your dog fix? DOG NEWS!! Let this be your window into what has happened in the world of dogs in the past few weeks.

Pug Starts Fight With Police Dog
I am aware this story is old—but it is new to me. During a four hour police standoff in Arizona, one so big that an armed truck and a police dog were called in, a little pug named “Chomp” decided he was over it and tried to attack them. What a fucking adorable asshole! What a jerk. I love Chomp.

Puppies Go to Prison to Become Dogs That Save Lives
Here is a long story that I did not finish about dogs in the prison system that are being trained to sniff out things that could harm humans. How great are dogs? We don’t do this shit for them! Well, we care for them and stuff—but they sniff for our lives! Man, dogs. How great are they?!

Sad Homeless Puppy Transformed!
Dog transformation videos are something for you to love and hate since they focus on a dog so abused and neglected that you want to dissolve your fists into whoever is responsible’s face while the eventual reveal and recovery of the dog makes your body implode from your heart beating too fast out of love. This video is no different except the puppy is a gorgeous satin black. Does he start like that? No. He looks like a cow pie with zits.

Dog Embarrasses Owner With Insane Yoga Skills
Yoga and dogs sometimes mix, which could be a great thing if it weren’t for all the constant distractions that would plague your practice. This video of a dog yoga-ing is fun and, while not super funny, is definitely a dog yoga I can get down with.

Rose Plays With A Balloon
Just keep it off the ground, dog. Keep it in the air. Let it fly, like my dreams to one day pet you, pup.

Of Dogs, Faith And Imams
This is a beautiful story about geography, religion, and what people think about dogs. It’s really beautiful and reminds of the universality of dogs and their widespread appreciation. Dogs are the best!

Tuna The Dog Recreates Anna Kendrick’s Instagram Photos
I know nothing about Anna Kendrick except that she annoys me so it only makes sense that a dog masquerading as Anna could soften the blow of her being so obnoxious. Can she be replaced forever by this dog in a wig? Many would condone that.

When Your Pet Is a Four-Legged Peace Broker
How do we use animals as a third party means to express ourselves? Do we use dogs as a way to talk to someone without talking to them? Yes, we do—and we do it a lot. It’s a mixture of mixed messaging and passive aggressiveness. This story details stories of pets as “emotional ventriloquists” and what it happens when we use them as such.

English Bulldog Diesel, The Box Lover
This dog is very dumb. I love this dog! Look at this dumb dog. Put that box down. You are dumb, dog. What a great dog! Always carry that cardboard. You are so dumb! You are so cute. This is a great dog.

Farewell, Uggie
The scene stealing dog from 2011’s The Artist was put to sleep. Sad! He had a tumor that apparently was a bit too strong to combat. Rest in peace, you little Hollywood hound.

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