DOG NEWS!! Here Is Some Dog News.

Yes, bears are great—but they shouldn’t have all the news. We need dog news. DOG NEWS!! This is for you, dogs. NEWS!!

21 Touching First And Last Photos Of Pets Who Lived A Life Well-Loved
Hey. Your dog will die one day. Please treasure them every day. We love you, every dog ever!

Kansas Dog Ruby Is Afraid Of A Feather
What is a great thing about dogs? They get scared of so much shit. It’s funny how sensitive they are to things like feathers, ticklers. I should probably buy some feathers and chase Scooter around with them. That would be wonderful.

This Cute Pup Has Only Half His Body, But He’ll Win Over Your Whole Heart
How does this dog work? Half of a dog? What the shit? His face is cute. His whole half body is cute! He is a great dog. I wonder if this half-bulldog would be easier to handle than a full sized meatball of a bulldog?

Titus, The Bat Dog Of Charleston
This is what every baseball team needs: dogs who pick up bats. Fuck bat boys! We need dogs on the fucking fields.

7 Daredevil Dogs Who Are Unaware They Can Die
“One word: Epic. That’s how vast this dog’s misconception is about his role in an unfeeling universe wholly unaware of the fleeting existence of this or any dog.” This is great.

Fossil From New Dinosaur Dubbed ‘Fluffy Feathered Poodle From Hell’ Discovered In China
I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with a mean dinosaur being equated to a dog but this is definitely interesting. It still is bird, mostly, but I guess it’s mouth is poodley. That reminds me: I saw two poodles last week and they actually were black and white. They had black heads and white ears and black spots. It was like crossbreeding a poodle with a dalmatian. It was cool. I liked those dogs.

How My Dog Finds Me In A Field.
I want to do this with my dogs. I’ve actually been wanting to look up if there are any places where I can travel to the middle of nowhere, to a field like this, where I can just let my dogs run around for hours. I’m not talking about a dog park: I’m talking about a country field where my babies can just naturally be dogs without anything distracting them.

See What JFK Airport’s Extravagant New ‘Pet Terminal’ Will Look Like
When I brought Dottie to Los Angeles, she had to stay in the cargo area of the plane and she was traumatized. I would never fly with a dog unless he or she was on my lap: it’s just too fucking much. Thus, this JFK idea is interesting—but concerning. I’m assuming this will mean better dog planes are in the works? We can hope.

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