DOG NEWS!! Here’s Some DOG NEWS!!

I have been sick as a fucking dog this week and, given the state of the nation, we all need a little mental break. This is dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Why Your Dog’s Personality Is a Lot Like Yours
Ever wonder why dogs look and act like their owners? Science has actually found that people pick dogs that mirror their looks and personality, which isn’t surprising at all. Where this gets fascinating is that dogs reflect a way of thinking and form a “social dyad” (group of two) with the owner where each being influences the other’s state. Who knew?!

Dog Waste Dilemma Unfolds In Northern Va. Town
After a Virginia town’s Homeowners Association voted to remove dog waste cans without the permission of dog owners, a shitty revolt went into effect. How? Owners began piling dog shit onto HOA board member’s belongings—and even placing the poo in cars. Some have attempted to mail shit as well. Don’t fuck with dog owners! And in what reality are dog waste disposal bins hurting anyone? Gross, sure, but is this resulting problem not worse? Come on, fam.

Things I Learned Covering The Westminster Dog Show
The Westminster Dog Show was this past week and the win went to a German Shepherd named Rumor. But what are these dog shows actually like? The Washington Post has a great story on what it’s like to go behind the scenes. From throwing the word “bitch” around without question to the general tailgating feel of the event, the entire scene sounds fascinating. We all have to go there one day, obvs.

This Police Dog Can’t Stop Showing His Partner Love During Their Photo Shoot
Working dogs are important dogs—especially police dogs. But, ultimately, they are dogs and they want to do dog things like give kisses. That’s what happened during a recent police department photo shoot which now rivals the NASA dog kisses photo.

Dog Owners Are Hotter Than People With Cats
In a likely bogus, unverifiable report, some website called “Elite Singles” found that 63% of singles find dog owners to be the most attractive pet owners. Cool? Factual or not, I’ll let this boost my ego for the day.

Dog About To Be Adopted Refuses To Leave Without Her Best Friend
I’ve always dreamt of having two dogs who are obsessed with each other, the type of little peas in a pod who want to constantly exchange cuddles and kisses and eventually fold me into their little puppy breath orgy. Anyone who follows cute dog adoption stories has heard about paired dogs who are inseparable and the story of adoptees Lucy and Sully is no different. Please adore this little story and pray that I one day get a dog duo like this.

Make It Easier To Medicate Your Dog With DIY Pill Pockets
Getting a dog to take a pill is the pain in the ass. While I usually crush the pill up and dissolve it in water, pill pockets are also a great idea—but they can be expensive. Why not make your own? They’re actually pretty easy to do: all you need is a little flour, peanut butter, and water.

Is There Anything That Can Help My Dog Live Longer Too?
What if a pill could increase your dog’s life by a few years? Apparently this is an area of research being tested out now via some medication after mice were found to live longer after being treated with a drug called rapamycin. If successful, the drug would have huge benefits for elderly dogs and, of course, us humans as well.

Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Is Now Its Cutest Employee
After a dog was abandoned at a gas station in Brazil, the owner of the station did something super sweet: took the dog in—and made him an employee. Now the dog chills out all day, greeting people and generally serving as a morale booster at this car hop. What a story! Dogs are magic creatures.

Cute Dog Gets Robbed
C’est la vie. Or something.

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