DOG NEWS!! Here’s Some DOG NEWS!!

Do you need some cheering up? Well, here’s something for you: this is dog news, where you find out what’s up with dogs lately. DOG NEWS!!

Black Lab With Vitiligo Wants Kids To See Their Skin Condition As ‘Unique Blessing’
Rowdy is a black Labrador with a very unique manifestation of vitiligo, a skin condition that leads to loss of skin color: he’s lost skin color around his eyes and is, for lack of better words, absolutely bonkers looking in the best way possible. His owners are his newfound Internet fame to raise awareness about the condition and help support humans who have similar loss of skin color as Rowdy.

I’m Renting a Dog?
Here’s something fascinating and fucked up to be aware of: apparently people buying nice dogs—and believing that they are owners of them—are finding that they’re being charged thousands of dollars. Why? Because their contract to get the dog is actually a lease. It’s a fascinating long read that borders on scam culture but, hey, some people just want to pay unnecessary thousands on dogs.

Walking My Dog Is The New Crossfit
Biggest Loser host Bob Harper—who is also a unique brand of daddy hot——recently had a pretty bad heart attack that has left him in a recovery that has him doing less intense physical activity. Like what? Walking his dog. He’s apparently traded (stupid) Crossfit for dog walking, which is just adorable. More people should follow his lead!

Zoom In On This Dog’s Nose For This Week’s Purest Meme
This pure meme involves zooming in on dog noses to find secret messages. Note that the final one in this post is a gem.

Orlando Bloom Can’t Get Enough Of Katy Perry’s Little Dog Nugget
This story is about how the supposed couple love each other and how Bloom is obsessed with Perry’s dog. However, I’m going to be the bearer of bad tabloid news: the two are taking a break. What does that mean for the dogs?? Hopefully they still have some sort relationship (at least for my mental wellbeing).

Brave Dog Fends Off, Survives Serious Alligator Attack in Florida
Here’s your Florida entry in DOG NEWS: a Labrador/Daschund mix ran off and ended up getting into a tussle with an alligator. The dog survived, thankfully, but locals are warning to not let your dog get too close to bodies of water because alligators can and will get your pet.

Carrie Fisher’s Dog Gary Turns 5
Like Carrie Fisher, we can’t forget her magical dog Gary. He just turned five! Celebrate him by watching this birthday video of him and Billie Lourd.

When You Love An Old Dog, Managing Care Can Be A Challenge
One of my dogs is getting old and she is a handful to manage sometimes. While it’s obvious that dogs age, we don’t really think about the care that goes into them when they become elderly. This NPR story is a sweet, fantastic rumination on the subject that offers great perspective on what happens when you love a dog and said dog gets old.

A Dog Cheered Up A Grandma With Alzheimer’s And People Are Shedding Tears
The headline of this Buzzfeed article says it all but an English man has found that dogs cheer up his otherwise unhappy grandmother with Alzheimers. Just look at those damn cute photos!!

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