As we slide out of November and into December, let’s look back on what’s been going on in doggo world. This is dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Gia, A Greyhound, Wins The National Dog Show
Some of you might have watched football on Thanksgiving Day. That’s fine. I watched The National Dog Show, where all the cutest puppers pranced around and showed off what the best in (their) show looks like. But who was the best of the best? Gia, a beautiful, big greyhound.

Dog In Love With Her Santa Toy Finally Got To Meet The Real Thing

Yes, I have my doubts that this dog actually “realized” that he was sitting with the person version of his toy but then I think of Gumby dog and all doubts dissolve. Bless you, Santa loving pup.

Your Dog Remembers More Than You Think
For your scientific dog itch, here’s something for you: dogs apparently have a similar human capacity called episodic memory, where you remember something that happened but wasn’t necessarily “taught.” The method of research used to discover this involved humans doing funny things like slapping umbrellas to see if dogs noticed. Yes, they did—and they were able to replicate the acts. Fuck, I love dogs.

Donald Trump Really Needs To Get A Dog
Sure, okay, yeah, I get it, whatever—but maybe not. Why? Because he cannot ruin the country and ruin dogs too. I cannot handle that.

Artist Turns Random Dog Poops Into Donald Trump Art Installation
Counterpoint: if his dog shat out tiny protests by ruining everything that belongs to him, that would be great. Inspirational.

Piqapoo Is The Kickstarter Accessory That Will Collect Your Dog’s Poop
I’m very anti-dog-poop-hacks which is why I have my doubts about something called “Pigapoo” which hopes to catch your dog’s shit as it falls out of their ass. Dog shit is messy enough. Let it fall to the ground and then collect it instead of getting it all garbled and all over them, if their shit is off. It takes one dog poo disaster to make you question everything.

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