DOG NEWS!! Here’s Some Dog News!

What’s been going on with dogs recently? Lots! This is dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Dog Snitches On The Other Dog That Made A Mess With Toilet Paper
This may be old and you may have seen it but it was retrending this week and you should take a moment to watch it again.

This Puppy Wanted To Say Hello So Bad That He Got His Head Stuck In A Wall
Please don’t get stuck in walls, puppies! But, if you do, get out without any trouble. That is fine. Do it for the photos, babies!

Our Racist Dogs
White Dog is a classic, horrifying movie. It is very campy, yes, which can make it funny but it is a truly startling tale of how dogs can be the manifestations of our worst selves. If you have not seen the movie, it is a must. Even if you hate dogs, watch it. This article very much reinforces that.

People Are Pretending To Faint In Front Of Their Dogs To See How They React
This is an instance in which your dog is an asshole, sure. Don’t let this sway you on the face that your dog loves you! They do!!!

Dog Desperately Asking For Forgiveness
See? This is an example of how much dogs love us. How could you hate a creature that feels guilt?

Pilot Diverts Flight To Save Dog From Freezing To Death
I would punch whoever put their pup in this position. When I got Dottie, I flew her from my parent’s house in Georgia to California and I know it was a rough ride. When I picked her up from the airline warehouse (A WAREHOUSE!!), she was covered in pee and barking and panting and generally a mess. She was traumatized. Fly very carefully with your dogs, friends.

Egyptian/Phoenician Glass Dog Head Bead, 6th-4th Century BC
Can I buy this from a museum? This is killing me.

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