DOG NEWS!!! Here’s Some Dog News!

Dogs have had a way crazy week. Here’s some dog news. DOG NEWS!!!

Pig and Dog Best Friends Have Been Roaming the Florida Wilderness Together
The best part of this story is that the dog and the pig kind of look the same.

Wife Leaves And Takes All But The Dog, Guy Responds With Incredible Photo Series
This is harmless enough.

Marijuana Bundle Drops From Sky, Slams Into Family’s Carport
The thing missing from this headline is “…and crushes dog’s house!” because it did hit the dog’s house. No word if the dog was hurt but I’m assuming it was not.


The Puppy That The Rock Saved From Drowning Has Died From Eating Poisonous Mushrooms
Actually, I can’t take it from you The Rock: RIP, your other baby. They are/were both adorable.

Zachary Quinto And Miles McMillan Walking Their Pooches Is The Ultimate #RelationshipGoals
Talk about dreamboats! (The dogs, that is.)

Mom & Sadie walking the treadmill 🐶☺️

A video posted by Paul Octavious (@pauloctavious) on

This is great, Paul. This is how everyone should work out.

This New Study Says Pet Dogs Are Quitters
You know, I don’t know if I believe this—but they did evolve to rely on us. Maybe this is just poorly worded?

Spiteful Yorkshire Terrier Plows Owner’s Pickup Truck Into a Lake After Being Put in Timeout
And this was a yorkie. Imagine if it were a bigger dog. That fucking truck would have been like all exploded and shit.

This Dog Whose Food Obsession Cost His Owners $37,000 Is Inspiring
My bigger, older dog—Dottie—has all sorts of like shitty (literally) problems and she has to eat special vet food that costs $40 for a week and a half worth of servings and it’s so expensive that I never, ever want to know how much I’ve spent on her. She is a baby. / Fuck how much she costs, that bitch.

Santa Ana Driver Loses Control, Crashes When Dog Jumps Into Front Seat
Every time I drive with a dog in the car, I get very, very, very concerned that this will happen.

J. Cole’s “Wet Dreamz”
No, this is not a new video but someone showed me this video for the first time earlier this week and I am obsessed with it.

This Dog Has an Amazing Ass, and Knows it
Duh. All dog butts are amazing.

Dogs Hurting the Most Have a Special Place to Heal
Some inspiring words about a New York dog facility that helps rehab dogs.

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