DOG NEWS!! Here’s Some Dog News!

It’s been a while since we’ve done this but it’s time: here’s some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Dogline Bling
My friend Kate made a “Hotline Bling” parody featuring her dogs. Please watch it.

Woman Reunited With Dog That Vanished 7 Years Ago In Ohio
HUH. What would you even do if this happened? I wouldn’t believe it was the same dog and I would have already moved on and gotten a new dog but I also would cry a million tears and lick the dog clean so that he knows that I still love him.

Russia Offers France Puppy As Gesture Of ‘Solidarity’
Also: HUH. Russia, are you high? This sounds ridiculous but is kind of cute actually: a police dog that was killed in the terror attacks in Paris was replaced by a dog gifted from Russia.

Couple Lets Their Dog Shoot Beautiful, Snowy Wedding Video
These people are great. / These people are terrible.

Lucky Dog Thrift Store Gives Profits To Animals
More thrift stores like these, please! (But, hey, more thrift stores in general. People and pups need help!)

Like Diamonds In The Sky
While the man’s singing is kind of annoying and so “LOOK AT ME!!! I CAN SING!!!,” I do want to eat this dog and the man is handsome enough that I will watch this on mute and unmute when the dog opens his mouth. Also, ugh, it’s not Rihanna singing.

5 Pumpkin Treat Recipes For Your Dog
Don’t give your dog Thanksgiving food! That’s probably going to fuck up their little puppy tummies. Instead, make them some pumpkin treats!

Disabled Dog, Daisy Learned How To Run In Prosthetic Legs
Look at this happy dog running on his happy plastic legs!!

Serena Williams’s Dog Dies; She Mourns, We Mourn
Today, we are all Serena. Hang in there, girl! We’ll miss you, Jackie.

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