It has literally been nearly a year since the last installment of this series but here’s some DOG NEWS for you. DOG NEWS!!

Learning From Dogs as They Sniff Out Their World
In Alexandra Horowitz‘s book Inside Of A Dog, she stresses the importance of taking your dog on “smell walks” so your dog can explore and follow one of their strongest senses. Well, she has a new book explicitly about dog scent and the New York Times followed her to see what goes on behind our favorite creatures’ noses. The story goes much deeper into smell, into the practice and taste, but is a delightful whiff of what to expect from her next book.

‘Bear Dogs’ Once Lived In Southern Texas
Imagine a chihuahua that looks like a bear. That, friends, is the million year old creature known as the “bear dog,” which Texan scientists are attempting to learn from based on fossils from the area.

Can Dogs See Ghosts?
Short answer: who knows? Can you? Maybe. So, yeah, dogs can maybe see them too.

There’s An Anti-Aging Pill For Dogs Now
Dogs are getting older and older because of health advances and the good news for them keeps getting better: bacteria found in Easter Island is being used to help curb aging. Dogs on the drug are recovering from illnesses and acting a lot younger than their age suggests. What does this mean beyond forever home dogs living forever? They’re guinea pigs for the human potential of the drug.

This Art Protest Is Using Dogs To Promote Social Equality In An Unusual Way
A surrealist artist in Australia enlisted a bunch of stubby dogs—dachshunds, Corgis, Basset Hounds, and the like—to pose for a picture that will serve as the basis for a painting that will speak to “inclusiveness of minorities in society.” Interesting. Regardless of the final product, the documenting of the event is enough of a win for all of us.

Leotards For Dogs Are Officially A Thing
Yes, dogs in leotards are fucking hysterical looking but, yes, there is a reason for them to look this ridiculous: it helps stop shedding. Yes, that’s exactly why you would put your dog in a leotard. Definitely not to laugh at them. Definitely not.

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