I meant to share this earlier this week but it’s been quite a week for us and our lil puppers. This is dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Dog Leads Rescuers To Another Dog Buried Alive In Earthquake
The recent earthquakes in Italy have been devastating. Here to lift locals (and beyond) up is a story about a dog who led rescue workers to another dog that buried beneath rubble, save for a little paw. The dog fully recovered, too. Let that warm your heart!

A Disabled Girl And Her Dog May Sway Justices
This was basically not talked about at all this week: a young girl who requires the assistance of a service dog went to the Supreme Court to fight for her right to bring her dog to school, a dog that helps her do things like go to the bathroom. We’ll have to stay tuned with what happens but this ruling would help grant independence to disabled persons in schools on their own terms (a la, with the help of service dogs and the like).

Ex-U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Says He Strangled Mother’s Dog
Uhhhh. Britain. What the fuck is going on?

Get festive! It’s almost Thanksgiving! Pet a pumpkin! Pet a puppy!

Hot Dogs Offer Window into Dog Emotions
Take a look at your dog’s ears: notice anything strange? Apparently their temperature is indicative of their emotion. When dogs are stressed, their ears are cold. When they’re happy and comfortable? Hot. Scientific American details a really interesting study on the subject.

How Old Is Ryan Lochte’s Dog Really?
This is semi-old news—but not as old as Lochte’s dog: the Olympic swimmer has been Tweeting birthday love to his dog, congratulating him on turning eight. This isn’t weird except…he’s done the same thing for the past three years, each time sharing that his dog turned eight. As they say, so what’s the truth, Ryan?

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