It’s Friday and, despite a potential war with Russia, we need something uplifting. So, here’s some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Dog Slaughter Banned In South Korean Market
Here’s some huge news: Korea have banned the slaughtering of dogs at one of the biggest meat markets, heralding a de facto end to the practice. I lived in Korea for a few years and there was always the somewhat racist joke/threat that you might “eat dog meat.” Thankfully, that might no longer be an option for anyone.

One Dog. Three ‘Co-Parents.’ What Could Go Wrong?
If you want a laugh, read about three people sharing a dog named Baby as “co-parents” in Manhattan. Yes, one of the co-parents is a Real Housewife too.

Dog Diplomacy? Putin Trots Out Dog Before Talks With Japan Over Territorial Dispute
Speaking of war with Russia, Putin is using an Akita given to him by Japan to flex his literal and figurative muscles in the hopes of settling a land dispute with Japan. Why did he have to ruin dogs too?

Roomba’s Attempt To Clean Floor Foiled By Lazy Dog’s Nap
Speaking of dog-robo love, here’s a video of Roomba™/dog lovefest that feels like Milo & Otis meets Batteries Not Included.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?
An interesting question you might not have thought about but have always kept in the mind since, well, dogs sleep a lot. The answer: it has to do with age, breed, health, and life changes. It’s not a bad thing but, like humans, sleeping too much can be a sign of a bigger problem.

Stress Can Even Make The Dog Go Prematurely Gray
The result of a new study found that dogs, like humans, go gray as a result of stress. It’s okay, little dudes: it happens to the best of us. Just ask Barack Obama.

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