It’s been a week in Trump’s America and we are all in dire need of some uplifting. So, here’s some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Music Helps Dogs Chill Out, Especially If It’s Reggae Or Soft Rock
I often wonder how my dogs react to the music I’m playing. I assume they don’t care but they actually might care: a Scottish study found that dogs were “less stressed” when listening to reggae and soft rock. Maybe it’s time to switch up your music preferences? And what about ambient music? I must know.

Dogs Get Periods, Too — & Look Just As Miserable As We Do
My family once had a dauschund named Peanut who wasn’t spayed and would go on a crazy, miserable spree every few weeks where she constantly licked herself and would hide, sometimes spotting the white kitchen tile with dark red-brown blots. This was her on her period. What do you know about dog periods? They’re actually much different from human periods and somewhat fascinating in their own regard. Women are also sharing photos of their lady dogs diaper’d whilst on their period to make a point about censorship. The future is female!

A Dog’s Actual Purposes, Based On Unscientific Observation Of Real Dogs
Don’t go see A Dog’s Purpose instead read this unscientific laffer from NPR while we still have NPR in Trump’s America.

Cats Are Just as Smart as Dogs, Study Suggests
Say it isn’t so: cats and dogs might be of similar intelligence. According to a Japanese study in cats testing food and memory, scientists found that they might have episodic memory capabilities like that of dogs and humans. This still doesn’t explain why they are so mean and ornery. Things that make you go HMM.

Dogs Share Food With Other Dogs Even In Complex Situations
Sure, cats might be as smart as dogs and humans—but are they charitable? Probably not. But dogs? Yes, they are. A study in Vienna found that dogs are likely to share food in trying situations, suggesting that they are generous creatures. This tickles my heart in such a dark time.

200 Dogs Rescued from South Korean Dog Meat Farm Are Ready for Next Chapter
To end on a very high note, dogs from South Korea rescued from dog farms are headed all around the world and are looking for homes (and finding them!). Pressure in the country to end the practice of eating dogs in advance of the Olympics is leading to more and more freed dogs like this. This is good news all around!

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