DOG NEWS! Here’s Some Dog News For You!

Hey! Do you like dogs? Here are some things that happened to them recently. This is Dog News. DOG NEWS! Some news about dogs for you! DOG NEWS.

Nepalese Dog Friendship Festival
I know nothing about this except that Ricky Gervais shared this on Facebook and the photos are very pretty.

Are Ethiopia’s Gelada Monkeys Really Domesticating Local Wolves?
This is fascinating and very backhandedly related to puppies: apparently monkeys are using wolves as dog friends. It’s not a perfect relationship but it definitely shows that the relationship we have with dogs is something our monkey friends may be able to replicate. I’ve said this once and I will say it again: I welcome a version of Planet Of The Apes where dogs play a role.

A Dog Named Diamond Is Running For Mayor Of Schenectady
This is a true story. I would vote for a dog. Shit, I would opt to replace all leaders with dogs. Talk about spreading the love, dudes.

Puppy’s First Experience Of Air Conditioning
The way this puppy gets with the blasts of air is kind of how I feel about the nipples of a man. I’m like, “OM OM OM OM OM YUM GIMME REFRESHING COOL YUM OM OM OM KOOL NIP.” That’s obviously what the puppy is thinking.

The Cujo Remake Has Taken a Very Weird, Astoundingly Dumb Turn
First, there is a Cujo remake happening. It is not a movie that is “good for dogs,” per se, but it is an excellent dog movie. What could go wrong with a remake? Apparently everything, as it appears that they have sacrificed Stephen King’s excellent source material, replacing it with science fictional waste.

North Korea Says This Smiling Dog Eating A Birthday Cake Is What’s Wrong With America
How decadent is America? According to North Korea, it is so luscious and ridiculous that we treat every dog as if it were that Birthday Cake Meme Dog. Is that true? Of course it is! No, actually it isn’t. This is just so wonderful. I wonder what those television producers were thinking. Were they trolling us or crying, mourning the loss of resources to dog, an animal that is occasionally eaten in Korea?

Touching Memorial To Dog Spreads Joy Of What He Loved The Most
The word “touching” in any capacity usually stirs a boiling pot of shit within me but this was kind of cute, actually: a Californian dog named Forrest loved playing fetch at the beach so much that, after he died, his owners have left tennis balls for him at the beach for him to play with. The balls are a part of a memorial that encourages dog owners to use the toys as Forrest did, almost like a lending library cemetery. What is the human equivalent of this? Maybe my friends and loved ones will leave mini-bottles of champagne for passersby to drink, in my honor? Take one, leave one, dude.

Degree Date For Dissertation Dog In Edinburgh
Is this story about me? If I had the opportunity to go to school again, I would bring my dog along in a little cap and gown. I feel like this story is about me. I don’t really like Cocker Spaniels but this is me. I am this man. I am this dog. I am a college educated dog from England.

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