DOG NEWS!! Here’s Some Dog News For You

Hey! Lots of great dogs things happened this week. This is dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Dog Reacts To Her Cancer Results
Yeesh, dog death is stressful. So why not make light of your dog dodging a bullet? That’s what happens here and it’s adorable. You keep on reacting to your cancer results, girl!

Why Do Dogs Have Such Short Lives?
The moral here is to never get a dog from a breeder: always go pound puppy. Always go natural dog! They are the best.

Puppy Yawns
Dogs actually yawn when they are stressed. Yes, it is a manifestation of being tired like many yawns but, like humans, sometimes a yawn can be the manifestation of anxiety. These are great yawns though.

Dog Ancestors Evolved From Mongoose-Like Forest Dwellers
Mongoose look like long little rodents, like some sort of cuter ferret with a meaner streak to it. But could they be related to dogs? Yes, actually: scientists have found that dogs actually evolved from mongoose like animals as a result of climate change. Now we know!

DJ Dodger Stadium’s “You Don’t Have To Be Alone”
The new DJ Dodger Stadium video is a few minutes of pretty white dogs wandering around Los Angeles. Obviously someone has taken some cues from fellow Angeleno Julia Holter.

The High Price Of Turning Your Dog Into A Foodie
I mean, duh. Buy cheaper food. Dogs don’t care as long as they are healthy.

Lotic’s “Coco”

Speaking of music and dogs, Berlin based experimental electronic musician Lotic participated in that architectural music wandering for Resident Advisor and his song was dedicated to the dog that roamed the grounds. It’s so great! Surprisingly pretty and delicate and, as he explains, is supposed to provide you with how the dog views this particular space in the world. What a wonderful concept.

Stunt Dog Wins Britain’s Got Talent, Is Chided For Not Being a Regular Dog
Interesting: apparently there was some production duping in Britain’s Got Talent surrounding the dog that subsequently won the contest. For his final act, a dog walked a tight rope and wowed judges and the audience alike; however, news eventually broke that a stunt had actually performed instead of the original dog. You certainly wouldn’t have noticed it in the performance (which is below) and many are upset and feel duped. Well, shit: it’s still cool. And that cute surprise dog in the end! Clearly this dog is still a winner.

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World’s Most Awesome Garbage Man!
Below is a video of a garbage man who brings a treat for a dog every week he visits its house. This is great. What a good guy! What a good dog! This is obviously very small town, Dirty Jobs, Republican Joe The Plumber stuff but, because there is a dog, I can get behind it. Just don’t read the post that is attached to the video.

Part Chipmunk
Ralph didn’t eat the tater tots. What a dog!

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