DOG NEWS!! Here’s Some Dog News For You!

It’s been a busy week for dog people. Have you been able to keep up with the news? This is Dog News. DOG NEWS!!

Bill Wearing His Boots
Bill. Do you not like your boots? You look so handsome in them! Don’t be sad. It will be warm again soon and you won’t have to wear boots. Cheer up!

Brave Little Bulldog Scares Away 2 Bears in California
Damn, Frenchie: you got some bite to you! I’m impressed. I thought all these dogs were like little wussies, you know?

Manipulative Dog Plays His Owner Like A Fiddle
We’ve all been here, haven’t we? It’s Wednesday and the week is at it’s halfway point and you can see the end but, until you get there, you’re just a snout against the gate, licking to taste release.

#dickthedog #theadolescents

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Watching a dog chase a bird is a very freeing moment. Watching a dog chase, catch, and become bloodied in bird guts? Not as fun.

Husky Makeup Tutorial
This is both heaven and hell.

This Orphaned Raccoon Was Adopted By A Family With Dogs And Now She Thinks She’s A Dog Too
All their little faces. I would snuggle with each of them! Maybe not the raccoon? You’ll click on that story for the raccoon but you will stay for the dogs.

Unlike Its Subjects, The Funeral Selfie Will Never Die
Unpopular opinion: dog funeral selfies are not awful because that header photo will live on in the halls of Internet history.

This Veteran’s Service Dog Is His Best Friend and the Obvious Choice to Be Best Man at His Wedding
Is Best Man a higher position than “Ring Bearer” or “Flower Boy or Girl”? Should my dog be my Best man or Maid Of Honor? This is something very serious to think about.

Disney Expands Long List Of Live-Action Adaptations With Cruella
Is she literally going to be beating dogs? Are we going to see her like viciously gang banged by a pack of wild dogs? Is she a staunch cat woman? What in the hell is the PG-13 “background story” for Cruella de Vil?

Famous Dog Hater Wes Anderson’s Next Movie Reported to Be a Stop-Motion Film About Dogs
Anderson reportedly hates dogs because all dogs in his films die. They’re all cute dogs, too! Thus, this is an interesting turn of events. Please say a prayer that this movie isn’t a stop-motion mass killing of these pets.

Allegedly Stoned Man Arrested for DUI Tells Cops His Dog Was Driving
Fuck. If a dog can drive like a drunk person than there is some untapped dog potential we are missing out on. (But, no, that does not mean that we should allow dogs to drive or people driving under the influence.)

Hunter And Gatherer
If you can’t get enough of these truffle hunting dogs, you’ll definitely love these truffle hunting dogs.

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