DOG NEWS! Here’s Some Dog News For You!

You know, I did this last week and thought it was kind of fun so why not continue with more dog news? Here’s some dog news that I liked from the past week. DOG NEWS.

Cat Wins Shelter’s Hero Dog Award For Saving Kid From Canine
Remember the above video? I thought that came out like five years ago but, no, it’s only from last year. That cat who fights off the dog has finally gotten its due by getting an award that truly is an honor to a cat (who is not a dog): she was awarded the Hero Dog award for her act of valor. The only cats that are good cats are cats who fight bad dogs so, yes, you are a Hero Dog, cat. (But you aren’t a dog.)

3D-Printed Wheels Give Bubbles Her Mobility Back
Poor Bubbles the dog ain’t got no legs. Yet, somehow, the spirits of technology heard her yelps and figured out a way to give her a new way to run wild: wheels! 3D printed wheels! Maybe this will become the norm? Also, you never think how difficult it is to create something like wheels for little legless dogs until you hear a story like this.

India Has Trained Dozens Of German Shepherds To Protect Its Tigers
So, yes, the headline is misleading: these dogs aren’t defending tigers because those big cats cannot defend themselves. No, that is not the case. Instead, these German Shepherds are helping to stop poachers from attacking the wild cats. This is another reason dogs are so great: they protect their feline relatives.

Chinese Woman Travels 1,500 Miles And Pays $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Chinese Dog-Eating Festival
A hero. A saint. An icon. A great dog emancipator.

This Blind Pup And His Seeing Eye Dog Are Homeward Bound IRL
Dogs who have their own seeing eye dogs will always crush my heart. Somehow, these dogs don’t even have owners either.

Cute Dog Howling Attempt Fail
I love dogs howling, especially when they do it all wrong.

Ice Age Mummified Puppy Is Oldest Ever Found
The oldest dog may not actually be a dog: it’s just a pup! The Ice Age canine is almost thirteen thousand years old and her existence seems to relate to the earliest theory of dogs, that they arose as a result of human scraps. I also enjoy the “origin story” the scientists made for how the pup ended up in permafrost. Don’t stop believing, guys!

Cool Dog T-Shirt
I would like this. I will buy this. It’s only $20! These great dog things are so cheap.

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