DOG NEWS!! Here’s Some Dog News!

Wow! What a great time it is to be a dog. There’s so much happening in dog world right now. This is dog news. DOG NEWS!!

An Interview Between a Dog Psychic and a Dog
If you do not believe in dog psychics, then I don’t believe in you. It’s no matter that they are complete frauds but I want to believe. Pet psychics are my X-Files moment.

Archivist Update: Dogs in Warfare
For National Dog Day last week, AP decided to get super nerdy and newsy and share some photos of dogs who have served in the military. No, no living anything should ever have to fight but we can all agree that working dogs are an invaluable service. They absolutely represent how we truly have best friends in non-humans.

Watch This Wiener Dog Escape His People and Run Forever and Ever and Ever
What a dog! This dog is great. What a dog! Run, little dude, run! (Relatedly: as a lifelong dog person, all of my animals were never good off leash and were constantly prone to running away, a stressful experience where you just think that your dog is going to die and die again so that it can die once more. My current dog was hit by a car when I was in college so, yes, dogs who run forever and ever and ever is only so funny to think about.)

Pug Reunited With Owner
Look at this baby! Look at this baby just whine and lick and love. I want to be briefly separated from a dog so that I can experience this.

Pentagram Partner Angus Hyland Chats To Us About Why Dogs And Design Go Together Hand In Paw
As mentioned with the war dogs, dogs are quite inspirational and important parts of the human condition. Especially for art! My favorite thing to do in art museums is to count how many dogs are depicted in works. You will find that there is no time period in art history where dogs are not referenced.

A Day in the Life | Neville Jacobs
What a ridiculous dog film.

Dallas Struggles With A Sea Of Stray Dogs

A Day in the Life of Japanese Celebrity’s Dog
When I come back as a dog, this is one that I could enjoy being. I will probably come back as many dogs but this is one that I hope to become.

Beagle Puppy Hangs on Car Window
I want to nibble on this little guys ears as his little paws glide up the window. This baby is just the sweetest.

Ines Opifanti Compares Dog People To The Expressions Of Their Pets
Can scientists truly prove that dogs and their people grow to look like each other, like when couples who live and with each other are so long grow to become more and more like each other? Please someone verify that dogs and owners become somewhat identical. Again: I want to believe.

Anderson Cooper Mourns the Loss of His ‘Sweet Dog,’ Molly
My sincerest condolences, Anderson. You can come and cry on my shoulder. You can sob into my lap. You can take off my pants and pet my dog. I’m here for you.

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