If you’ve been looking for a way to catch up with what our favorite four legged friends have been up to, I have something exciting for you: dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Is This the Hardest Working Dog in Show Business?
I have not seen the movie Game Night, I have not seen the movie Widows, I have not seen the show Insatiable, but I do know that there is one thing that connects these three things: they all star the same little fluffy dog. What a dog.

Women Who Co-Sleep With Their Dog Can Improve Their Quality Of Sleep, According To A Recent Study
Having trouble sleeping? Get a dog. As a new study reveals, people who sleep with dogs note that they are are “disturb[ed] sleep less and were associated with stronger feelings of comfort and security.”

Dogs Catching Treats
Photographer Christian Vieler has made photographing dogs as they catch treats their thing and the results are as adorable as they are wowing. If only my dogs could get their photos taken, pre-chomp!

How To Behave Around Dogs When You’re Frightened Of Them
I often forget that people do not like dogs. Weird, right? But it is indeed something that happens. If you know someone (or are someone) who has a dislike or fear of pups, the BBC has you covered with a funny little video that explains how to deal with dogs – when you are frightened of them.

Dog Given To South Korea By North Korea Gives Birth To 6 ‘Peace Puppies’
Kim Jong Un apparently gifted the South Korean president some white hunting dogs as an expression of peace. This measure of calm must be flourishing since the dog just gave birth to three lil girls and three lil boys. Peace! Equality! Love!

Adorable Dog Portraits Before and After Japanese Grooming Makeovers
My dogs need only very light grooming so I am always impressed – and fascinated – with dogs before or after they are given a little hair cut and love. Photographer Grace Chon must feel similarly as she has taken some great before and after photos to illustrate just how drastic these makeovers tend to be.

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